What You Need to Learn Before You Go Japan?

Japan is a country that is big on manners, especially when it comes to eating and dining. There a lot of

things for a foreigner to learn when eating in public and even at home. Learning these dining manners

help avoid any embarrassment.

- Restaurants provide Oshibori, a hot steamed hand towel, before a meal for  customers to clean their hands.

- Always say “itadakimasu” (Polite way of saying „I receive this‟) before eating your meal.

- It is extremely a bad manner to burp, blow the nose and loudly chew with the mouth open while eating.

- Slurping is encouraged in Japan as it is understood such that one is  enjoying the meal.

- You should always pick up small dishes, like a bowl of rice, and bring them closer to you when you're eating something out of them.

- You should always eat everything on your plate (or at least try your best to).
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