Samiksha Adhikari Departs for Australia

Samiksha Adhikari departs for Australia, bids farewell with emotional airport reunion

10th March, Kathmandu

Singer Samikshya Adhikari has left for Australia. On Tuesday night, she departed with her sister Sarmila Adhikari, who accompanied her to the airport.

As they bid farewell, Samikshya took pictures with her mother that could be shared on social media. The video of Samikshya and Sarmila bidding farewell at the Tribhuvan International Airport was uploaded to TikTok by their brother Suvas Khatri. The video has thousands of comments.

Reading the comments, it is clear that Samikshya went to Australia for her studies and not for any program. Many have wished Samikshya success in Australia.

Suvas Khatri also mentioned in the caption of the video that he hopes Samikshya will have a happy time in Australia.

There is no official information on the purpose of Samikshya's visit to Australia, which is said to be for her study and a better future. Although many have speculated that she has gone for permanent residency.

When asked about it, Samikshya's other sister Parnesh Adhikari, in a conversation with another friend from the film industry for a musical program, said that if Samikshya went to Australia for a musical program, the poster of the program would be publicly posted on Facebook. However, there is no information about any such program at the moment. 

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