25 Questions and Answers about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus is similar to common flu but novel to humans, causing severe issues, particularly for the elderly and chronically ill. There's no cure, but treatments can mitigate effects. Preventive measures like masks, sanitizers, and distancing are crucial to reduce transmission. Health workers face high risks due to prolonged exposure. Young people must also be cautious to prevent spreading the virus. Isolation and proper hygiene are essential. The virus can stay in the body for weeks, and reinfection is possible but usually less severe. Vigilance, especially until widespread vaccination, is necessary to manage the pandemic effectively.

1. Coronavirus is a common cold and cough virus. The media is just unnecessarily high; I hear it is a foreign conspiracy.

– Coronavirus is a virus like flu and cough like normal flu but now the virus has entered the human body for the first time so our body has not been able to prepare (ready-made) immune against this virus. Our body has some degree of immunity against many other flu and other viruses and cannot suffer for a long time; Our chances of taking our lives are very low. In the case of this new virus (COVID 19), it is not easy for the elderly and the chronically ill to fight it and build a new immune system; Their tired and sluggish bodies can’t stand it. – Now, all over the world, 4 out of 100 people over 70 have died and 9 out of 100 people over 80 have died. If efforts are not made to prevent the spread of the virus and if it is allowed to spread everywhere, coronavirus in 100 people can kill up to 10-20 people. Up to 1-2 deaths may occur in 100 young people. If we want to spread it all over the country at once, we may have to spread lies in all the houses of Nepal.

2. Even if there is no cure for corona and the treatment is successful?

– There is almost no medicine to kill the virus. There is no cure for the coronavirus. But drugs can be used to reduce the effects of the virus on the body, to help the body fight against the virus, to reduce the spread of the virus in the body. Doing so saves many lives. 

3. Wearing a mask, using a sanitizer, washing hands with soap, maintaining a distance of 6 feet, if the corona does not move, why lockdown? Why are doctors afraid to treat?

 – Mask, Sanitizer, soapy water, 6 feet distance, etc. is a way to reduce the process of spreading the virus from one person to another. If everyone across the country could do this every time, there would be no lockdown. – If adequate PPE is available and other equipment / safety is adequate, no health worker is afraid to go to hospital and clinic and do not stop going for treatment. Since health care is not only a job but also a service (religion), just as soldiers are not afraid to go to war, health workers are not afraid to provide health care. In the United States (according to data from two weeks ago), 900 health workers have lost their lives. The longer you stay close to a patient with corona, the greater the chance of the corona moving, and the more viruses that enter the body at once, and the healthier the body becomes. This is one of the reasons why health workers are more likely to die. 

4. Why should a sick youth wear a mask? If I have a corona, I think I will die. That’s my thing. What do others mean?

 – The symptoms of coronavirus are not so severe in young people, (for many) the symptoms of common cold and cough appear for 1-2 weeks and get better. Someone may not experience any symptoms. We don’t mean young people because young people can transmit the virus to their families and neighbors, the elderly and the chronically ill. 

5. Why wear a mask when working from a distance of 6 feet? 

– If you have a distance of at least 6 feet outside the house (in the open), you don’t have to wear a mask. But closed space, inside the shopping center. Another thing is, you may not know when a person is approaching you and you may not be able to put on a mask in a hurry. We have to pay attention to this. 

6. The old man’s immunity was diminished and he died; How does a young person die? 

 – Coronavirus does not attack the entire cell of the body and kill the cell. When the virus penetrates some organs, such as the lung cells, and kills some cells in the process of increasing its number, when the immune system of our body tries to attack, the virus kills many cells in its own body. (A) In the case of a young person, the immune system, which is abundant, shows an uncontrolled immune response without properly controlling the virus, causing damage to the lungs of one’s own body, formation of blood clots, etc., and death. 

7. Why did the lockdown if the turmeric virus died? 

– All the natural fruits of the world have some of the qualities that our body needs. All foods contain antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant elements, but they do not cure the disease or kill the virus. It only helps the body lightly. Eating turmeric is not bad. About 98 out of 100 young people survived, all of whom ate waiwai noodles when they became infected, and waiwai noodles cured 98% of patients with coronavirus; Which is not true. – Lockdown does not prevent corona just by eating or not eating anything; Everyone is trying to stay away from each other so as not to spread to each other. 

8. How long does the virus stay in the body of a person infected with corona? 

– Once infected, the process of spreading the virus in the body can last about 2 weeks. Some genetic material of the virus can remain in the body for the next few weeks, so someone may look positive in the rdt/PCR test for 3-4 weeks. If the virus has been positive for 2 weeks and you have been able to walk well, then you have won the virus now. 100% guarantee in 3 weeks. 

9. A Corona infected person showed no symptoms and after 14 days of isolation, if the infected person is sent home again without PCR test, will the virus be transmitted from that person to others or not?

– The chances are slim. 100% guarantee that it will not move after 21 days. 

10. How much does pneumonia affect young children?

 – You don’t have to take any medicine like you do now, even if you get any disease like in childhood; If you haven’t had any major surgery in the last six months, you’re just like any other healthy person. – For lung, heart, kidney disease, diabetes, you have to take regular medicine and if you have to take inhalers from time to time due to asthma problems, then you understand that you are chronically ill. Smoking can affect you more than a chronic illness. 

11. Corona virus is transmitted to us by touching a person who has died from corona? If so, how?

 – Coronavirus can be transmitted from the nose and mouth of a deceased person and from other body fluids (at most) after 1-2 weeks. There have also been cases of forensic medical professionals examining dead bodies. – Covering the face of the deceased (completely) or covering it from the front with something like a clear plastic bubble (like a helmet) + Safely changing the body clothes + Except for 1-2 people who live far away + Those who are close live in isolation for 2 weeks If the virus can be prevented from spreading to others. 

12. Once it is applied, will it be applied again or not? 

– The virus changes its appearance in about 6-12 months. If the virus of the same strain comes later, the body will end it immediately. It may spread to other parts of the body (test positive) but may not be as severe as the initial pain and may be as common as the common cold or cough. 

13. Should I be afraid to buy goods in the market or not? Does food spread the virus or not?

 – Coronavirus The number of bacteria in vegetables, fruits and fish should not increase and spread, but it can be transmitted to you if a person who handles or has just touched them before transmits the coronavirus to them. Therefore, caution should be exercised. These objects should be thought of as other surface areas. Don’t touch your hands after touching the market items, wash your hands with soap and water before entering the house, if you can, keep those items in the corner of the house and use them only after 1-2 days, don’t be afraid. At the same time, wash the vegetables, fish and meat thoroughly once and wash your hands thoroughly. As the temperature has risen a lot, there is no fear like before. If the virus is transmitted to the surface of goods coming from a long distance, it will die within a few hours or days. There is no need to be afraid to buy and use coronavirus. When I go to the supermarket, I wear a mask, first sanitize the handle of the shopping cart, don’t touch the non-shopping items, grab the same paper towel that many others use, clean both hands with alcohol based sanitizer as soon as I go out and wash my hands with soap and water as soon as I enter the house. In the case of water, it does not spread from water but can spread from the surface of the outer bottle or jar. 

14. Are there different coronaviruses in different countries?

 – COVID-19 may have different strains, but all the strain coronaviruses seen so far have the same effect. Theoretically, once the virus enters, each person is likely to have a different strain as the number increases. 

15. How can someone close to a person with a positive corona look positive to someone and not see someone? 

– Being close does not mean moving 100%; There is only so much probability. Depending on who gets the virus from the nose and mouth, who gets the virus from the body (by hand or other means), who gets the virus through the nose and mouth, the immune system can be seen as positive and negative as soon as it enters the body. 

16. Should I wash my hands with soap and water or should I wash other parts as well? Does Dettol kill the virus?

 – As much as possible, all visible parts of the body should be cleaned and clothes should be washed. The virus in other parts of the body can be carried by hand to the nose and mouth, so most hands need to be washed. – The ingredients in dettol and its concentration may not be the same in all countries. Dettol is used when there is no hand sanitizer and hand washing or if bleach or other product is not allowed to clean household items. Dettol writes on Dettol’s website that it can kill covid-19 as it kills other cold and cough viruses. 

17. What is isolation?

 – If all the corona positive is only in isolation, do not leave the place of residence for 14-21 days. Proper diet, exercise and fun activities should be done. – If it is kept in isolation only on the basis of suspicion without testing, it should be at least 6 feet away from everyone else to prevent it from spreading to you; Do not go or touch yourself without completely sanitizing the area touched by others; The dining room, living room and toilet should be personal and not shared by others. 

18. How long will this corona hurt?

 – The current situation will remain the same until all the elderly, the chronically ill, health workers and at least 50% of the general public are vaccinated and preparations have to be made accordingly. You still have to be vigilant for at least 4 months. 

19. How does a ventilator reduce infections?

 – After the virus affects the lungs, oxygen does not reach the lungs and the body does not get oxygen, so in case other parts of the body also stop working, oxygen delivery is done with the help of a ventilator. If the other limbs were not already sick and tired, many lives could be saved with the help of a ventilator. It does not reduce the infection but only delivers oxygen to the lungs. 

20. I found the corona positive. What should i do now

 – Sit in isolation immediately. If you do not have a chronic illness, do not have difficulty breathing and can walk normally, you do not need to panic. Eat plenty of regular food, drink water, balance rest and exercise, distract the mind by doing fun activities, etc. When it is very difficult to breathe and I feel like I am struggling even after walking a few steps, I have to go to the hospital and take oxygen and other medical treatment. 

21. Health workers live near my house. What should I do to avoid corona? 

– It has been proven that they have corona, but they are living in isolation. Even if you go out, if you are at 6 feet, rest assured that you will not move. Even if you are in the same room, if you both wear a mask and then wash your hands with soap and water, nothing will happen. The virus cannot spread through the air. Nothing will happen to you if it doesn’t fall on your face when you go straight ahead. 

22; Why is the mortality rate lower in Nepal than abroad?

 – Vigilance has been adopted in Nepal from the very beginning. The elderly and the chronically ill also became aware. There was a lot of youth activity. As the youth mortality rate is very low, the overall mortality rate in Nepal is lower than abroad, but now it is likely to increase. 

23. If ordinary soap can get rid of corona, why can’t you find a medicine like soap? 

– Our skin tolerates many chemicals that usually kill viruses and bacteria on the outside of the body; The skin layer is thick and strong. The same thing can be done to kill the virus that has entered the lungs, but the soft and young cells of the lungs are damaged and die faster for the same reason. 

24; Many doctors in the world say that corona is a hoax.

 – Sadly, most of these problems are in the United States and then in India. Some health workers have lost their private practice and other side business due to corona, some have been talking about such things before coming to the fore and they are still seizing the opportunity. Other organizations, like politics, have something to strengthen their financial position in the health service by giving wrong information to the people. 

25; If you already have other viruses, why not wear a mask? Why not distance? 

– Masks should be worn and distance should be maintained. Failure to do so can lead to many coughs and colds. In the United States (where I live), a schoolteacher sends a student back home with a cold because of the virus but allows them to stay because of an allergy. 

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