A Scary Secret of Two Sisters

A Scary Secret of Two Sisters

A Scary Secret of Two Sisters

One autumn, my sister and I made a blunder. She was ten and I was sixteen. We planned to really enjoy our holiday because we were together but away from home. Our excitement lasted till the end of our journey and taught us an important lesson. We felt very excited and grown up as we were on the way to the hometown of our grandparents in a cart.

Fresh and cool breeze touched our body and our soul. When we reached the lodge, we were disappointed. Although it was expensive, it was not clean and well furnished. It had a tin roof. The room where we were going to spend our night was small. I did not find it to be cozy. In spite of a small window that was facing towards the North, the room was not as airy as we expected. Both of us disliked it. We asked our granny “Is there any hotel?

We like to stay somewhere else, but not here.” When we asked about another option, our grandfather replied, “No, there is not any guest house or hotel nearby.” Their reply annoyed us but we could not make any further requests. After we unpacked our suitcases, our grandmother warned us not to go outside till their return. “We won’t,” my sister promised, but I knew that she was telling a lie. We had already decided to go out.

We went out of the lodge as soon as our grandparents were out of our sight. When we reached a narrow gravelled street it was already dusk. The view of the setting sun was very pleasant. Birds were returning to their nests. We could hear children playing soccer nearby, but the little street was quiet. There was no sign of any hotel. Suddenly, a thug stepped out from the bush. He growled, “Don’t move!” He was tall and lanky. His black beard and dirty, curly hair was disgusting. He was wearing a black face mask and spectacles.

When he came very close to us, we could smell cigarettes and a terrible smell of alcohol in his breath. I shivered. My little sister was terrified. We were speechless. He said, “Give me your chain.” So I did. Then he turned to my sister and said, “Your earrings!” Without uttering a word, she gave her best gold earrings. Snatching my hand bag, he jumped into the bush and vanished. Then, we cried and cried.

After sometime we recollected ourselves and ran back to the lodge. We did not feel safe until we got into our room and locked the door behind us. Though the man looted our precious things, he taught us a good lesson. We had disobeyed our elders which we were not supposed to do. Despite their warning, we walked out in a place which was new for us.

Before this horrible experience, we did not listen to our parents and elders. How stupid we were! We now learned that we should obey them because their experience and knowledge are our guidelines for a better life. After this incident, we became more obedient. However, we decided not to tell the scary incident to our grandparents or even our parents. We knew that they would punish us even though we had learned a lesson. That dangerous adventure is still a secret that I only share with my sister.

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