ANNFSU Reconstruction Efforts Bring New Hope to Nepal Rastriya Basic School

Rebuilding Hope: ANNFSU Nepal’s Resilient Efforts Transform Nepal Rastriya Basic School

Kathmandu, December 1, 2023 – All Nepal National Free Students’ Union [ANNFSU] rebuilt Nepal Rastriya Basic School, which was destroyed by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake on November 3 and is located in Veri Municipality 2 Timile at a height of 2200 meters above sea level. Under the direction of Prakash Paudel, ANNFSU’s Team A1 maintained academic continuity by instructing students outside while volunteers built a makeshift academic shelter. The Vice-Chairperson Narayan Gharti is also a local. He has been actively involved since the 19th of Kartik, and he has coordinated the team’s efforts

Rebuilding the temporary school building for Nepal Rastriya Basic School was a commendable initiative taken by the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU), following the devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Jajarkot and West Rukum districts on November 3. This is a significant step towards rebuilding. The school’s structure collapsed as a result of the recent seismic activity, which was felt most strongly at its 2200-meter height above sea level.

At least 154 people lost their lives and 364 were injured in the earthquake that devastated the areas of Jajarkot and West Rukum. According to reports, residences valued at billions of rupees were turned to rubble, with 26,557 fully demolished and 35,455 dwellings suffering partial damage. As seen by the situation of Nepal Rastriya Basic School, the aftermath left people in a state of despair, especially with regard to the infrastructure supporting education.

In response to the pressing need for rebuilding, ANNFSU dispatched its devoted rescue squad, squad A1, under the leadership of Prakash Paudel, ANNFSU Nepal’s spokesperson and a member of the central committee. The team’s steadfast dedication and proficiency were essential in leading the school building’s rebuilding activities.

The All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) showcases resilience and community spirit by reconstructing Nepal Rastriya Basic School, which succumbed to a 6.4-magnitude earthquake. Led by Prakash Paudel, ANNFSU’s Team A1 ensured academic continuity with makeshift classrooms. The initiative is a beacon of hope for Veri Municipality 2 Timile, symbolizing triumph over adversity and highlighting the importance of collective action in rebuilding communities after natural disasters.

The damaged area—which is located in Veri Municipality 2 Timile—became the center of attention for the restoration effort. Volunteers from ANNFSU intervened when the structure collapsed, making it hazardous for students to attend classes. This helped to guarantee that learning continued. There were also volunteers who taught the pupils in public areas, using the surrounding area to erect temporary classrooms.



The dedication of ANNFSU and its members is a prime example of the organization’s focus on student welfare as well as the more general objective of reconstructing communities that have been devastated by natural catastrophes. For the locals, the renovation of Nepal Rastriya Basic School represents a fresh chapter of optimism and advancement and a symbolic victory over hardship. As the school emerges from the wreckage, it serves as a symbol of the people’s unwavering spirit and the positive effects that coordinated efforts may have on the healing process.

When disaster strikes, ANNFSU’s action serves as a model for other groups and communities, highlighting the value of cooperation and proactive participation in efforts to rebuild. Veri Municipality 2 Timile’s unwavering resolve serves as a reminder that communities may unite even in the wake of a natural tragedy to reconstruct, mend, and create a better future for future generations.

Some More Pictures During the Work Effort

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