Beni Municipality Bans on Hookah Amid Rising Youth Concerns

Beni Municipality Bans on Hookah Amid Rising Youth Concerns

Beni Municipality in Myagdi enforces a comprehensive ban on hookah, effective February 16th, citing concerns over increasing youth engagement. The prohibition covers sale, distribution, and consumption, accompanied by strict monitoring, fines for violations, and collaboration with local businesses to discourage hookah use.

19 February 2024- Beni Municipality Bans on Hookah Amid Rising Youth Concerns: Beni Municipality in Myagdi has implemented a ban on hookah within its jurisdiction, effective from February 16th. The decision, announced by Mayor Surat KC, stems from concerns about the increasing number of young people engaging in hookah consumption.

Mayor KC revealed that the ban encompasses the sale, distribution, and consumption of hookah, following a decision made during the executive committee meeting on January 25th. The move aims to address the rising trend of youth involvement in hookah-related activities. In addition to the prohibition, a comprehensive process, including strict monitoring, regulations, and public notices, has been put in place. Violations will incur fines.

Expressing the municipality’s commitment to discouraging hookah use at the community level, Mayor KC disclosed plans for monitoring and awareness programs conducted by the district administration and the police. Collaborative efforts with public representatives, as well as hotel and restaurant owners, have been undertaken to facilitate the ban.

Acknowledging the support of local businesses, Mayor KC emphasized their pledge to back the municipality’s proposal, particularly in light of hookah’s potential negative impact on youth. The ban extends to the sale and distribution of hookah pods from outside districts in Benibazar, with fines applicable to those municipalities engaging in such activities.

Highlighting the health risks associated with hookah use, the announcement emphasized the release of carbon monoxide and polyaromatic hydrocarbons from the charcoal smoke, likening it to taking poison for human health. Medical officer Govind Pokhral of Beni Hospital warned of the increased risk of communicable diseases if hookah pipes are not properly cleaned. He also noted that smoking a hookah takes more than half an hour, exposing individuals to larger volumes of harmful substances compared to smoking a single cigarette.

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