Big Day for SEE Students: SEE Result 2080 Announced

The National Examinations Board announced SEE result, with 47.86% of 464,785 students qualifying for further studies. A total of 186 students scored a GPA of 4. Exams for 221 students were cancelled. Non-graded students can retake exams next month or next year, based on new grading and syllabus criteria.


The long-awaited results of the Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) are finally out! From March 28 to April 9, nearly half a million students across Nepal put their best foot forward, and now the moment of truth has arrived. Among the 464,785 students who took the 10th-grade exams, a proud 47.86 percent have earned grades that qualify them for further studies. However, it’s also a bittersweet moment, with 52.14 percent, or 242,092 students, finding themselves in the non-graded category.

Amidst this, 186 students have truly outshined by scoring a perfect GPA of 4. Hats off to them! In a press briefing, Board Chairman Mahashram Sharma mentioned that unfortunately, the exams of 221 students were cancelled. Don’t worry too much if you find yourself ungraded in up to two subjects! You’ll get a second chance through the grade increment exams, scheduled for next month. But remember, you can only retake the subjects in which you were non-graded. The journey continues next year for non-graded students in more than two subjects. The board allows participation in the annual exams for the next three years. After that, it’s a full reset, and you’ll need to retake all subjects.

To view the SEE results, please visit the following links:

This year’s exams were unique, conducted with a new syllabus and grading system. Now, to move up to class 11, you need to score at least 35 percent in your theoretical exams. If you don’t cut, you won’t qualify and will be categorized as non-graded. Previously, a combined score from theoretical and practical exams could earn you a grade. But now, there are separate grades for each. Each subject has a 25-mark practical exam and a 75-mark theoretical exam. Scoring at least 27 marks in theory is a must. Practical exams, handled by your schools, will send your scores to the board.

Congratulations to all who passed, and to those who didn’t, keep your chin up! Every setback is a setup for a comeback.


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