Cyber Crime and Cyber Security by Dikshit Ghimire

Cyber Crime and Cyber Security

Cybercrime is an illegal activity done to steal someone’s personal information with the help of computers and the internet. Cybercrime is illegal because it is used to steal different information without the owner’s permission which is not accepted by any country in the world. The major targets of people who do cybercrime are big companies, industrialists and big businessmen for the purpose of earning money. Cybercrime mostly occurs on the internet. Computers are the main weapon for cybercrimes which we hear about daily in newspapers, T.V, different social media and different websites. Some of the major cybercrimes are identity theft; cyberbullying, unauthorized system access etc. cyber crimes are done to steal someone’s or some organization’s personal information.

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal identity information and pretends to be you in order to commit funds or gain other financial benefits. Many people become victims of identity theft because of a lack of awareness, they don’t know how to protect their personal information properly on the internet and cyber criminals easily steal it from them and use it for bad purposes. Thus, one should be very aware of identity theft.

Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully someone by sending messages and threatening methods. Cyberbullying mainly occurs on digital things like cell phones, and computers and occurs through SMS, text apps or social media by sending negative, harmful or false content about someone. Some of the preventive measures are spreading awareness and making people know about the uses of applications convincing people that cyberbullying is harmful.

Unauthorized system access is when someone gains access to a website, program, server, services or other system using someone else’s personal account without the owner’s permission. Unauthorized access could also occur when a user attempts to access anything of a system that they should not be accessing. When attempting to access that thing they would be denied access and possibly see unauthorized access to any account or service and it is considered illegal in all parts of the world.

So, cybercrime is a bad activity which should be boycotted by societies and countries. Preventive measures for cybercrimes should be followed by individuals and countries. People should be aware of cybercrime.

Dikshit Ghimire

Regent Residential School

Lalitpur 14, Nepal

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