Devghat in Nepal : The Must Visit Place for Hindus

Devghat Nepal

Have you ever been to Devghat? It is one of the sacred places of the Hindus. This confluence of Kali Gandaki and Trishuli River is believed to be one of the holiest places in Hindu mythology. Devghat lies in Tanahun district. It is about 7 kilometers far from the city of Narayangadh. You can hire a taxi from the city or you can also get a public bus from Pokhara Bus Park to go to Devghat. People visit this sacred place for various reasons.

Many pilgrims like to reach Devghat. Some of them go there to take a holy bath. Other go to collect a Shaligram Sheela (holy stone) which Hindu devotees worship as lord Vishnu. A few Hindus or elderly Nepalese live out their final years of their life there. There are many ashrams which are built to give shelters to such elderly people. People can spend their nights in the ashrams.

The atmosphere of Devghat is peaceful and contemplative. The chanting and prayers around the temples soothes everyone who visits there. Ashrams, temples, caves and the confluence are the major tourist attractions. Various religious activities are performed there throughout the year. 

Most importantly, on the first day of the Nepali month of Magh (mid-January) thousands of pilgrims À ock to take a holy bath in the conÀ uence. Temples like Radha Krishna Temple and Hanuman Temple, caves like Sita Gufa and Bashista Gufa are must- visit places. The best way to experience Devghat is to wander around the gravelled streets; cross the river in a boat or via suspension footbridge high over the rushing water of the Trishuli; visit in¿ nite number of the ashrams; observe melas; and listen to the heart touching life stories of elderly people. Not only pilgrims, people like researchers, nature lovers, saints, wanderers and adventure seekers go there.

Devghat is a must-visit place for those who respect the elderly people and for those who like to help them.

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