Earn Money Online From Your Websites

Earn Money Online From Your Websites
Earn Money Online From Your Websites

Can we earn money from our websites in Nepal?

Yes you can make money from websites or bloggers in Nepal

Google has different platforms for its customers like YouTube, Blogger and others. A person interested in blogging can utilise the platform as a good source of income. Those who are interested in writing can use blogger with zero investment and those who like to shoot videos and take photos can use YouTube to share and earn.

If you want to become a professional blogger you need to have some basic knowledge about writing and publishing. Anyone can write but publishing those for search engine optimization purposes is very important for earning through Google.  Whenever you click on the different links you can see a different advertisement by Google those are the source of income for the bloggers. there are different ways of publishing and hosting and you can choose one of the most comfortable ones for you.

If you are doing it from Nepal it’s going to be hard for you as google does not support the Nepali language so you need to write all content in English or other Google supporting languages but not in Nepali. Never mind in the near future google can list the Nepali language as a supportive language but it’s not listed yet. It s a sad thing for Nepali language bloggers, however, there are other agencies working in adverting in Nepali language blogs.

You can see different Nepali news portals are broadcasting advertisements, you also can do so but those agencies may not pay you like google pay. To earn money from google you need to have AdSense Account with a google id and Google supporting language blog.

The points you need to keep in mind before you use those tools for your earnings are listed below.

  • You need to have a verified AdSense account. 

  • Your blog should be in English or Google supporting language.

  • You should not have policy violence issues in your blog.

  • You need to customize your site properly and try to make as simple as you can.

  • Your content should have uniqueness and high value.

  • You must maintain the right keyword placement for your content.

If you have more ideas about it feel free to share in the comment section.

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