Health and Exercise: You May Scoff…….Summary & Exercises

Health and Exercise: You May Scoff…….Summary & Exercises


In order to be productive, one must be well both physically and mentally. When people become sick, not only do their families and communities suffer, but so does the country as a whole. It’s not enough to have a population that’s both well-educated and capable. We can’t build our nation until we’re healthy.

People are a country’s most precious natural resource, hence their well-being affects the economy directly. Healthy people are more productive and live longer, which has a significant influence on economic development. We can’t compete as well in the global market if we have a poor healthcare system.

All individuals, not just the affluent, should be able to access and afford a decent healthcare system. To rapidly climb the success ladder, a country’s people must be in peak physical condition. Countries with low growth rates are those that prioritise the health of their citizens.

The government and the people, both share responsibility for the health of a country. Governments, on the other hand, should be held to a higher standard of accountability and be better equipped to address pressing public health issues.

Preventing the spread of infectious illnesses should be a top priority. Hazards to human health posed by the environment must be eliminated at all costs. Public health infrastructures at the local level must be adequate. Promoting healthy communities and lifestyles is critical.

In short, health care services should be easily accessible. We need to build health care facilities all across the country.

Ways with Words

A) Ten words in the bold face in the text correspond to the definitions below. Match the definitions with the corresponding words. Make sentences of your own using the same words in bold type.

a) in spite of what has just been said or referred to : nevertheless

b) a strong desire or impulse: urge

c) the ability to continue trying to do something, although it is very difficult: determination

d) to attract attention to or emphasize something important : highlight

e) arguing about things that are not important : bickering

f) not having things or conditions that are usually considered necessary : deprivation

g) continue to exist : persist

h) soft loose flesh on a person’s body : flab

i) to improve or increase something : boost

j) a limiting condition on something : restriction

Now, make sentences of your own using the same words in bold type.

determination = He fought the illness with courage and determination.

Trim = They’re trying to trim their costs, so staff who leave are not being replaced.

Adiposity = Regular exercise can reduce adiposity.

Highlight = Students should highlight the important topics.

Bulge = Her stomach bulged after the huge meal.

Nevertheless = Nevertheless, we are far from our target level.

Boosts = Boost on youtube is better than a newspaper ad.

Persist = The bad weather will persist for the next two days.

Flab = Regular workouts reduce flab.

Bickering = I wish they will stop bickering.

Restriction = There are no restrictions on the amount of money you can withdraw.

Urge = She urged him to stay.


B. The words ‘restriction’ and ‘awareness’ are nouns with the suffixes ‘-ion’ and ‘-ness’. Make a list of as many words  as you can which end in ‘-ion’ and ‘-ness’.


























A. Write whether the following statements are True, False or Not Given.
a. During the holidays people eat and drink more than usual.   True
b. Getting too little exercise and eating too much is the reason why people put on weight.   True
c. David Allison’s research involved studying rats under laboratory conditions.  False
d. You may need to go shopping for clothes if you come down with a cold.  True
e. Adenovirus-36 (AD-36) decreases the percentage of fat in the fat cells.  False
f. Vaccination against infections could be used in the future to prevent obesity.  True
g. People under severe stress can experience breathing difficulties.   Not given
h. A study indicates that mice that have never been on a diet choose fatty food, when given a choice between high-calorie or low-calorie food products.  False
i. Rajita Sinha has been studying the connection between brain activity and behaviour.  False
j. Specific hormones regulate our appetite.  True
B. Answer the following questions.
a. In what sense are the holidays a time of excess? When can a person gain weight?
Ans: The holidays are the time of excess. The people eat and drink more than usual in the holidays. A person can gain weight when he/she overeats and under exercises.

b) According to David Allison, which factor contributes to excess obesity?

Ans: Same highly controlled diets can contribute to excess obesity.

c. What, according to Dhurandhar, can be the way of preventing fatness?
Ans: According to Dhurandhar, vaccination against infections can be the way of preventing fatness.
d. What is the relationship between chill and obesity? How can saying ‘om’ help reduce fatness?
Ans:  Chill (cold) helps burn calories, then decreases obesity.
Saying ‘Om’ helps reduce fatness by taking control over the urges and stress-related eating of high-calorie food.

e) Why is it necessary to be careful while buying plastic packaged fatty foods?

Ans: It is necessary to careful while  buying plastic packaged buying fatty foods in which endocrine disrupters tend to accumulate, posing a potential double threat.

 f) Why does Nelson suggest avoiding blue wavelengths of light at night?

Ans: Nelson suggest avoiding blue wavelengths of light at night because these are known to be especially disruptive to the circadian system.

g. How does breathing polluted air affect one’s fatness?
Ans: Breathing polluted air affects one’s fatness. It can cause extra fat to accumulate around one’s stomach. It disrupts the body’s ability to burn energy.
h. What is the link between sleep and weight?
Ans: Sleep deprivation reduces the secretion of leptin. Leptin increases levels of ghrelin. Ghrelin  stimulates appetite and a person eats more. So, less sleep means more time to eat that boosts weight.

Critical Thinking

A) What do you do you to keep yourself fit? What food do you avoid and why?


All people want to stay fit and healthy. At present, most of people’s problem is  obesity. People are suffering from overweight and unhealthy lifestyle. To maintain my healthy lifestyle, I will follow three main tips. I will eat healthy food and eat them in an appropriate time.  I will never eat unhealthy foods.

Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and blood pressure are the results of unhealthy foods. I will also avoid Junk foods. I will follow diet plans. I make routine to eat leafy vegetables, fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, etc. In the same way, I will do yoga, meditation and physical exercise to maintain my physical as well as mental health.

b. Healthy citizens are the greatest asset of a country. What can a state do to keep her citizen healthy?
Ans: Healthy citizens make a healthy nation. The best profitable investment a nation can make is to invest in the health of its citizens. Our ability to grow as a country is strongly linked to our health. Having an educated and skilled workforce is not adequate. Physical and mental well-being are essential for the productivity. When a people are sick,  the consequences extend beyond the well-being of the nation affecting families and communities. 

A state can take keep her citizens healthy :

·        By Increasing hospitals and healthcare centres

·        Setting up free camps for all citizen

·        By regular vaccination programme.

·        by health awareness programme

·        by making healthcare facilities free for all citizen

·        by establishing yoga and meditation centre

·        by making people aware about the importance of mental health

·        by making people aware about healthy habits and lifestyle


A)  Yoga can be good to stay physically and mentally healthy. Do you practise any yoga? Write an essay on the benefits of yoga.

Yoga is an ancient art that connects the mind and body. It is an exercise that we perform by balancing the elements of our bodies. In addition, it helps us meditate and relax.

Moreover, yoga helps us keep control of our bodies as well as mind. It is a great channel for releasing our stress and anxiety. Yoga gained popularity gradually and is now spread in all regions of the world. It unites people in harmony and peace.

Yoga has numerous benefits if we look at it closely. You will get relief when you practice it regularly. As it keeps away the ailments from our mind and body. In addition, when we practice several asanas and postures, it strengthens our body and gives us a feeling of well-being and healthiness.

Furthermore, yoga helps in sharpening our mind and improving our intelligence. We can achieve a higher level of concentration through yoga and also learn how to steady our emotions. It connects us to nature like never before and enhances our social well-being.

In addition, you can develop self-discipline and self-awareness from yoga if practiced regularly. You will gain a sense of power once you do it consistently and help you lead a healthy life free from any problems. Anyone can practice yoga no matter what your age is or whichever religion you follow.

In short, yoga has several benefits. Everyone must practice it to keep their health maintained and also benefit from it. It is the secret to living a healthy and long life without the use of any artificial means like medicines or any other shortcuts of any kind.

B) How can a person be mentally healthy? Provide about ten tips to a person to stay mentally fresh and healthy.

 Ans:  A person can be mentally healthy by doing yoga and meditation. It balances both mental and physical health. We do it by balancing our body parts and mind. It not only relaxes our body but also balances our mental health.  It reduces our stress and anxiety.

Ten tips to a person to stay mentally fresh and healthy:

1. Eating fresh foods

2. Avoiding junk foods

3. Doing meditation and Yoga

4. Doing physical exercises

5. Following healthy lifestyle and habits

6. Taking less stress

7. Dividing our time for mental exercises

8. Being active

9. Talking to yourself about your problems and its solutions

10. Helping helpless


B. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct verbs from the brackets.
a. Everyone has problems in their life. Countries also have problems, and so does the world. One of the greatest problems is the growing population. The population in some countries is  huge.
b. A number of my friends love riding bicycles, but neither my brother nor my sister owns a cycle. At 4 o’clock, either my mother or father is  coming to pick me up in a car.
c. The pair of shoes on the floor is mine. The shoes were made in China. The three thousand rupees I spent on them was worth it.
C. Are the following sentences correct? If not, correct them.
a. Every one of the workers receive the same benefits.
Ans: Every one of the workers receives the same benefits.
b. There is two gerbils in my bathroom.
Ans: There are two gerbils in my bathroom.
c. Both of my friends live in Kathmandu.
Ans: Both of my friends live in Kathmandu.
d.  Scissors is used to have our hair cut.
Ans: Scissors are used to have our hair.
e. You and your friends are welcome to join us.
Ans:  You and your friends are welcome to join us.
f.  Are the news on at five or six?
Ans: Is the news on at five or six?
g. The man with all his children live in the city.
Ans: The  man will all his children lives in the city.
h. Mathematics are Prem’s favorite subject, while Economics is Alina’s favorite subject.
Ans: Mathematics is Prem’s favorite subject, while Economics is Alina’s favorite.

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