How is Viten’s ‘Galli Sadak’?

How is Viten’s ‘Galli Sadak’?

Rapper Witten has released a new song. Witten has released the song ‘Galli Sadak’ to the audience. The song has been liked by the viewers since it was made public on YouTube. The song has music and lyrics by Sameer Ghising ‘Viten’. The video for the song was directed by James Lama and Witten.

In the song, Witten speaks specifically about the government’s repeated arrests. Saying that he grew up on the streets, Vitten has even questioned what he will get by spoiling this degenerate society.

How is Viten's 'Galli Sadak'?

Not only that, Viten has even protested against the style of government in the song. Witten said that he had even given up drugs and repeatedly questioned why the police were looking for him.

Witten said that he was scared in his own house and expressed his desire through a dream song. In the song, Vitten also said that he started to heat his blood after he started raping.

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