Improved Services Coming to Tribhuvan University’s Examination Control Office

Improved Services Coming to Tribhuvan University's Examination Control Office

December 29, Kathmandu – In a move aimed at enhancing student convenience, the Examination Control Office of Tribhuvan University, widely known as Panika, is set to revolutionize its services with the introduction of an online system. Currently, most services provided by the Examination Control Office require students to physically visit the examination control office and endure long queues.


Starting from the first week of January, the Examination Control Office will initiate the online system, eliminating the need for students to wait in line for exams, pay fees at the bank, or visit the office for various administrative tasks. To introduce this innovative approach, the Examination Control Office will conduct a demonstration of the online system this Sunday in the presence of university officials.

Pushparaj Joshi, the Controller of Examinations, highlighted the benefits of the online system, stating, “After the implementation of the online system, students will not have to wait for exams. No need to stand in line at the bank to pay the fee. Students can submit documents from home. Fees can also be paid online.”


The online system will streamline processes such as obtaining transcripts, acquiring original certificates, and correcting personal information. While the Examination Control Office had previously planned to offer online services two years ago, the initiative was halted due to a shortage of skilled IT personnel.

Despite the expansion of online services, the university still needs to make decisions regarding the distribution of certificates. Exam Controller Joshi mentioned, “Nowadays, there is a legal provision requiring students to physically present themselves and affix their photos on the certificates. The uploaded photo will be pasted on the certificate by our IT staff, but the executive council will need to make a decision on this matter.”

Documents requested by students will be dispatched to respective campuses through central and regional offices under the Examination Control Office. The initiative is set to extend beyond the current locations of Balkhu, Nepalgunj, Attaria, Pokhara, and Biratnagar to include Janakpur office, catering to the Madhesh province.

The Examination Control Office, currently operating with six IT employees, has requested an additional seven to meet the demands of the expanded online services. Vice-Chancellor Prada Shivlal Bhusal assured that there will be no shortage of manpower to transition the Examination Control Office’s services online.

Amid these developments, a group of students, led by the Independent Students Union (SWAVIU) of the University Central Campus, has been on a continuous sit-in for 18 days, demanding university reforms. Their primary concerns include the digitization of university services, decentralization of services, and structural reforms to address delays in service, misuse of university property, and political-based appointments.

Shyamraj Ojha, president of SWAVIU Central Campus, stated, “We will not leave the campaign without fulfilling some demands,” emphasizing that many of their demands could be met immediately. The movement has been named the ‘University Reform Campaign’ by the students. 

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