Is PUBG Bad for Human and Developmental Psychology?


Is PUBG spoiling or showing a new world of possibilities?

PUBG spoiling or showing a new world of possibilities?

When I was a child, no one in the village had a TV, but ours did.  Children from all over the village used to come to see TV.  The children who came to watch TV kept their eyes on the front door as much as they did on TV. The reason was that in a short time, his parents would be more likely to come to our house looking for their children.  As soon as Baama entered through the main door, the children would run away with some tricks.  If Baama could catch him, he would beat some of them and take them home.

There was talk in the village that the TV in our house spoiled the children of the village.  Nepal Television was the first of the channels to spoil children on TV.  Nepal Television used to show religious programs and news in the morning and in the evening it used to show news and entertainment programs.  Entertainment programs included some serials and some film songs that only played permanently.  Laughter programs like Twakkattuk were added a little later. The rest of the time was Doordarshan of India.  It was almost like Nepal Television but spoke Hindi, told news in Hindi, sang Hindi songs and even came in the afternoon.  From time to time, Indian cricket matches were shown live.  For us kids who don’t understand cricket, that day was a nightmare.

The list of programs on most of those TV channels was like this. What would national television show to spoil it?  But the news and the songs were considered to be enough to spoil the children. Today, let’s run formal or non-formal education programs that make good use of such things, rather than banning them from being spoiled by pubs, Facebook or tickets.  Let’s increase cyber literacy. And then there was talk in the village, our home TV spoiled the children in the village.  But I proved this discussion wrong with the TV house. I was the youngest in our family.  I could not tell what program would be aired on which channel at what time of the day.  I knew all the artists from Nepal and India.  I knew many country leaders.  I remembered some dialogues of religious serials.

Not only Straw Fire, Final Judgments aired on Nepali TV, but also Hindi serials like Alif Laila, Chandrakanta were among the programs I should not give up.  I could hardly miss the Hindi film that airs on Saturday afternoon and the Nepali film that comes once a month.  Everyone in the family was free to watch news like world events and religious serials like Krishna Charitra and Ramayana. In spite of all this, my worst performance in school is in 5th grade.  I was fifth in class 5.  When I was called, my name would come up after four people, Ganesh Karki Roll No. 5.

But in the same year, the group I participated in the district level primary class attendance contest brought the second prize.  After that, I was getting better marks as I was going up the class and later I was giving ‘SLC’ and I was being ‘Class First’ for many years till I ate my samosa. Poems in my name have been recited on children’s radio programs since I was nine years old.  I remember Vasudev Munal reciting my poems over and over again when he recited the five best poems of the brothers and sisters broadcast this month.  My name would not be left out when I had to select students of my level from the school in the attendance contest.  In most of these competitions, I would have won some kind of prize.

It has been proved that while watching TV, everyone is ‘not spoiled’.

And there was a discussion in the village, where is everyone’s mind like Ganesh’s? But my friends and I proved this discussion wrong.  Many of my friends who have never been first in class, their lives are going well now.  They are living a dignified life in the society.  You don’t have to be first in class to live a happy and dignified life. This article has come to my notice only because I have written it, otherwise it has been proved countless times in history that TV is not a wrong invention and people will not be spoiled by watching TV. Many years before I was born, when TV was invented, it came out as a box of fools.  He said that TV fools people and after a while people stop watching TV.

Because people do not have the desire, enthusiasm and time to look at the same vessel.  But even after nearly a hundred years of such predictions, the enthusiasm of viewers to watch TV has not diminished.  Instead, more materials have been added.  Its economic aspect has become unimaginably large. People know that watching TV and not watching it alone will not solve the problem.  But that was for TV.  For new inventions, people have to have new doubts and experiences.  Humans are not conscious beings at once.  Therefore, new technologies and tools have replaced the suspicion that watching TV is bad.  Doubt has become modern along with people.

Fear of new technology and inventions and ‘lies’

Some people think that smart phones are making people stupid.  Social sites like Facebook are moving away from real life.  And, mobile games are spoiling people.  Recently in Parliament, UML MP Ashakumari BK raised the issue of stopping games like PUBG and Free Fire. According to him, children and adolescents are addicted to such games and have mental problems and parents are worried.  She added that if this continues, the number of mentally ill people in Nepal will skyrocket. It was banned in Nepal two years ago saying that Pubji had increased suicide, but the ban was lifted after a writ petition was filed in the Supreme Court to lift the ban on PUBG

Of course, the World Health Organization has also called sports addiction a mental problem.  According to some mental health experts, sports including PUBG affect mental health but only after it becomes addictive and reaches the point of addiction. If you play games like PUBG as an addiction due to addiction, it can really make a difference in your mental health.  Also, staying in one place for long periods of time can lead to physical problems such as hand and shoulder pain.

But the list goes on and on.  According to experts, games such as Pubji activate the mind, which increases the ability to learn new things and the ability to learn pictures and maps.  Such games played in groups develop a sense of community.  Having to make an immediate decision to win a game increases confidence in making decisions. If you look at it this way, there are not only negative aspects of the game including Pubji.  It also has positive aspects.  Therefore, it can be said that there are many reasons for the new version of MP Bik’s opinion to deteriorate while watching TV. The basis of MP Bik’s argument is also weak. There has been no study on the effect of sports including mental health in Nepal.  It can only be someone’s personal opinion.  Drinking water can also be counterproductive, as is the old adage that stopping drinking water will only aggravate diarrhea.

Public sports and career in sports

The reason why it can be counterproductive is that a new genre of game has come in the world for a long time.  This is called sports.  It is a type of game played on electronic devices with more than one player.  Many sports, including PUBG, FREE FIRE, VALORANT, FIFA, are held in domestic, international and world competitions.  There are millions of prize money in such competitions and various brands spend for the players participating in such competitions. Companies have started registering to play such games in Nepal as well.  One such Nepali company has claimed to have earned more than Rs 10 million in one year. If we want to ban it from playing, we will exclude a generation from such a field of future possibilities.

Of course, not everyone who plays a game like Pubji can reach that height.  But the same rule applies to other sports.  Not everyone touches the heights of playing games that are considered to be ‘people’s sprints’. How many Nepalis go to many countries like Indonesia to play football like Rohit Chand or to play cricket like Sandeep Lamichhane?  However, these games are played by children and youth all over Nepal by allocating millions of rupees every year.  Many more are likely to become Rohit Chand and Sandeep Lamichhane tomorrow. The coronavirus showed a situation we never imagined.  We have been in hiding for the past two years.  Many of the biggest competitions that took place at that time were played without spectators.  We were shocked to see a crowd of 60,000 spectators at a recent Euro Cup and Copa America match, but there was no shortage of investment.

If we underestimate the fact that there are more than one million live viewers in a PUBG tournament that took place at that time, it means the same thing, we are ignoring an economic possibility of the future.  As we are now experiencing the consequences of ignoring cryptocurrency.  Just like the possibility of dancing and singing until the reality shows came was ruled out. Not only in sports or art, the future of everything in today’s age is unprecedentedly uncertain.  It is almost impossible to predict the future in the slightest.  Looking at the pace of society, we have to accept that the present age is the age of uncertain future.

A tableau of an era of uncertain future

Time has taken such a leap that in a single decade the things that are being considered now have become useless.  With the development of technology, not only the old means of employment, but all the skills become old and useless, new things are coming in the form of income and profession. A decade ago, a successful videographer who filmed with a good camera in a helicopter was replaced by a hand-held drone.  Helicopters and videographers used in this way may have to change their profession.

Seeing the possibility of good income, PCOs and cyber cafes opened in the streets and alleys of the villages with good investment could not raise investment.  FMs are scurrying around, waiting for the inevitable death like a fish out of water.  Those who have invested time and money in it may have learned to make announcements on YouTube or live on TickTack. Riding apps like Pathao and Tuttle are putting taxi investment at risk.  Online has overtaken print journalism long ago. It became unimaginable which skill or which profession would become useless at what time and in whose place the door of another unexpected skill and possibility would open.  This is not the same skill or study to prepare for the future.  Preparation for uncertainty would be the best preparation.

In our own society, many of the skills and possibilities we see have become obsolete and useless within a decade.  So what can be done for tomorrow by stopping today’s generation from today’s technology?  When they are forced to jump from today to tomorrow without being allowed to experience or learn today, will they be able to stand on their feet like Superman who has fallen from the sky or will they bend their heads like Kainla Dai who climbed a tree to cut grass for goats? If we do not prepare the whole generation for this or that excuse for a time of uncertain change, not only that generation will be beheaded, but all countries will be beheaded.  What to do for this?  No one has a clear answer.

This is the Wave, Let’s Walk Together

Neither the big companies nor the big countries have the capacity to stop this pace of change. PUBG like games are banned in India, but the ban is considered more political than the problem posed by sports.  India shut down several Chinese apps outright due to border tensions between China and India.  Pubby was also on that list.  This is confirmed by the fact that a similar game was made public with much fanfare after the ban on pubs in India.

Even Google, Microsoft and Facebook, the richest and most powerful countries in the world, can’t stop this momentum.  They are chased by the newly started ticketing, zooming and clubhouses, and learning from them is on the rise.  That’s why you come across YouTube shorts like Tiktak.  Microsoft releases a team app like Zoom.  Facebook starts audioroom by imitating the clubhouse.

In that case, we can neither ignore nor stop this change.  Instead, by embracing the same wave, accepting change, we can explore the possibilities of minimal damage and risk. Today, let’s run formal or informal education programs that make good use of such things, rather than banning them from being spoiled by pubs or Facebook or tickets.  Let’s increase cyber literacy.  Let’s make the family more active for time management. Closures or bans do not solve it.  VPNs can be used to play those games despite restrictions, and similar or other games can be obtained under a different name.  It was not possible to ban the entire game. We have limited options.  If we want to increase the number of options, we have to follow the

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