Landslide in Annapurna Damages Jeep Carrying Indian Pilgrims, Guithebhir Prone to Frequent Incidents

Landslide in Guithebhir damaged a jeep carrying Indian pilgrims returning from Mustang. All passengers are safe but the jeep is damaged. The area is prone to landslides and floods, disrupting traffic flow on the Beni-Jomsom-Korla road project.

Myagdi, Nepal – May 29, 2024

A jeep carrying Indian pilgrims returning from Mustang was caught in a landslide incident in Guithebhir of Annapurna Rural Municipality-3, Dana: Myagdi, yesterday night. Thankfully, all passengers escaped unharmed despite the vehicle sustaining damage.

Video of Landslide in Annapurna Damages Jeep Carrying Indian Pilgrims, Guithebhir Prone to Frequent Incidents

The incessant rain caused a landslide to cascade down the mountainside, striking the jeep as it passed through the area. “The passengers reacted quickly when the landslide began,” said Indrasingh Sherchan, a local tourism entrepreneur in Dana. “They exited the vehicle just in time, but the jeep was unfortunately damaged.”

This incident highlights the ongoing dangers posed by landslides in the region, particularly in Guithebhir. Locals have emphasized the need for caution during even normal rainfall due to the area’s susceptibility to such events.

The Guithebhir area is situated along the Beni-Jomsom-Korla road project, a national infrastructure project vital for Gandaki province. This critical road link is frequently affected by landslides and floods, particularly in floodplain areas like Guithe Bhir, Sukebagar, Khambhita, Dana, Late Khola, Rupse Khola, and Kavrebhir.

The recent landslide has caused disruption to the movement of vehicles, including those with Indian registration plates. Efforts are currently underway to remove the damaged jeep and resume normal traffic flow.

Meanwhile, concerns are mounting regarding the safety of the Beni-Jomsom-Korla road project itself. The frequent landslides not only pose a threat to travelers but also hinder the progress of the construction and expansion works. The stretch between Tharsang Rural Municipality in Mustang and Galeshwar in Myagdi is particularly affected by these issues.

The authorities are urged to take immediate steps to mitigate landslide risks in Guithebhir and other vulnerable areas along the Beni-Jomsom-Korla road project. Implementing proper safety measures and potentially even diverting the route in high-risk zones could prevent future accidents and ensure the smooth completion of this crucial infrastructure project.

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