Mahapurush Nepali Movie: A Great Question for New Generations

Mahapurush Nepali Movie

“Mahapurush” is a Nepali Movie directed by Pradip Bhattarai. It is produced by Max Dipesh Khatri. The film features Hari Bansha Acharya, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Gauri Malla, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Rajaram Paudel, Arun Chhetri, Anjana Baraili, Siru Bista and many more artist. “Mahapurush” Released on Cinemas 28 Ovtober, 2022 A.D. / Kartik 11, 2079 B.S..


Comedy, Drama, Family
A society that swears by “I will show you your father’s wedding” this story is of two sons and a single father smitten in love and the struggles to get him wedded amidst the taboo.
  • Director:  Pradip Bhattrai
  • Cast:  Hari Bansha Acharya, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Gauri Malla, Raja Ram Poudel, Siru Bista
  • Release On:  October 28, 2022
  • Duration:  2 hours

Story of Mahpurush

The wife of Hari Bansha Acharya passed away. That happened far too long ago. The school is being administered by the oldest son. the youngest dependant is getting ready to travel overseas. The younger son is seeking a travel companion because of this. While the younger kid is preoccupied with global events, the older son is concerned with school-related matters. At home, Harivamsa is by herself. But because of how well-liked he is in society, many refer to him as a wonderful guy. and regard. His village’s previous name was Adarsh Nagar.

The laws of Adarshnagar are unique. Only those who can pledge themselves to that rule are permitted access to Adarshnagar; otherwise, the entrance is constantly locked. The beloved Hari Bansha Acharya is the model male of Adarshnagar. Because of this, the oldest son is currently making final preparations to publish his father’s book, similar to the god.

Hari Bansha, on the other hand, resides alone at home. He has a parrot for a pal. They share their emotions and live with him. Until late at night, they keep talking to the parrot. This narrative concerns the presently playing movie “Mahapurush.” To fully understand the plot of the film, you must see it.

Many people conjectured that the narrative of Mahapurush is actually the story of Hari Bansha himself when the movie’s trailer was released. At a recent gathering in the capital, he was asked about this issue. “Not my entire life’s narrative, though. There is nothing to fake, several aspects of my life or what I went through” He replied with this.

Hari Bansha spent some time by himself after Meera, his wife, passed away. Son number one was in America. at the younger residents. He had his own task to complete, though. At home, Harivansh was by himself. He disliked working. He utilized to remain at home. There was so much loneliness. He had worked in the field of art his entire life and was considering retiring from it.

How The Mahapurush Began

Pradeep Bhattarai was intently observing everything. who had previously collaborated with Harivansh and Madan Krishna Shrestha. Pradeep has firsthand experience with how much loneliness drives a person insane. He reasoned that a movie should be used to tell the narrative this time. The woman is no longer lonely once her husband dies, or just after he dies. The majority of parents are left alone even when children travel overseas. In addition, despite having a son and a daughter at home, Father and Mother feel lonely due to their hectic schedules. They don’t have somebody to talk to or express their thoughts to at that point. Pradeep believed that issue needed to be discussed. And he wrote this tale.

Is the life of Harivansh the subject of your film? “No, it’s a tale about individuals who live alone. Well, she did live alone for a while when my sister-in-law Meera died away. Then, I witnessed his existence, which was drab and lonely. Consequently, some of his life’s phases will suit,” Pradeep put an end to his intrigue.

Pradeep was among those who yelled “Well done!” 16 months after the loss of his wife, he played in the telefilm It Was the Creation of Harivamsa. After Pradeep finished the anecdote, the question of how to pop the question to Harivansh arose. You’ll claim that my tale has been misrepresented. He was frightened to death.

But the discussion should have begun and this topic should have been brought up in movies. He, therefore, dared to tell Harivansh the tale. However, he shared the news with Harivamsa, Ramila, and Mohit all at once. Harivansh’s delight at seeing Pradeep’s surprise caught his attention. He did not anticipate Harivamsa accepting it so quickly.

Pradeep reflects, “I never anticipated that my brother would take it so lightly. The first words he said after hearing the tale were Can I do it? Following that, a push to turn the subject into a film that sparks social discussion began. How does concealing in order to uphold the required public image of oneself influence the individual? Pradeep wants to express this idea through film. 

In Nepali culture, it is believed that mothers will do everything for their kids. The psychological principle that one must contribute even if one has nothing is the foundation of Nepali society. “Through this film, we aim to convey the idea that you should help people without crying yourself. Pradeep continues, “We have advised him not to lock up his happiness for the sake of ideas. Our goal is to make our children happy, not to make ourselves miserable.”

Why a guy who has lost his wife shouldn’t reclaim his happiness by getting married is an issue posed in the film. Pradeep makes it clear that marriage is merely a tool he uses to create the tale he wants to tell. He claims that in order to provide a sense of cinematic tension, the marital tale has been introduced in his attempt to present the story of how one might regain lost happiness. “Household life is all right. However, if you are sad because you are alone, then our aim is to give happiness in the name of ideals or to find an alternative to it,” 

Pradeep insists that it is wrong to look for happiness, but it is wrong to stay lost inside by chasing ideals. No matter how successful, capable and honest your children are, are you ever happy as a parent? What is your desire? Do they ask that? Most people do not see this need, as in ‘Mahapurusha’, the sons themselves try to stop the father’s marriage. For this, they do many tricks and scams.

Is it right to think that you should be ready to suffer anything for the happiness of your children as soon as you say, mother? Don’t they have the right to be happy? It is a debate that ‘Mahapurush‘ is trying to create in society. Whether or not it has this power depends on the audience’s evaluation.

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