Message to the World By Young Minds

Lalitpur, Nepal

9 Oct, 2020

Dear friend,

By the grace of god me and my family are safe here. I know the condition in the USA is not normal. The covid-19 pandemic is a big trouble to everyone.  We are also facing the same problem. We are not safe to go out of our home. I request you to be safe there.

We should not panic during this pandemic. As you know prevention is better than cure, use a mask when going out and wash your hands frequently. Cough, fever, common cold are the symptoms of covid-19. In case of any of these symptoms contact a doctor immediately. Avoid junk foods and eat those foods which helps you to increase your immunity power. Follow these ways, it helps a lot to be safe from covid-19 pandemic.

Say my regards to your parents and love to your younger brother and sister. Hope to hear from you soon

Ever yours


Lalitpur, Nepal

9 Oct, 2020

Dear friend, Hari

Thank You very much for your letter which I received yesterday. But, I am very sad to know that you are suffering from COVID. I also came to know from the letter that you are very scared and silent after you got COVID. But, you shouldn’t.

Hari listen I know that you are a very brave and tough person. If you watch News, then you should know that many people have recovered from this pandemic disease in a short period of time. That’s why you should not have to be scared of anything. It would be better, if you home isolate yourself and start living a healthy and balanced life to fight against this disease. I also heard that your mother and father are in tension for you. You must tell your family not to be scared of anything and tell them to live the life that they were living before. But, you should not contact them in any case. It would be good, if you start to talk about balanced diet food and maintain your hygiene. If I were you, I would not be scared and I would fight with this disease with my full power and courage.

At last, I only want to say that don’t be scared and fight with this disease by taking proper precautions and I also hope that I will get a chance to write a letter about congratulating you for bravely fighting this pandemic disease.

Your Friend

Kushal Bhatta

October 9, 2020

Lalitpur, Nepal

Dear Mad Max,

Hi, Mad Max, how are you there? Over the last few months we have been pondering what is happening all around the world on COVID-19. I think everyone is safe there but I have been seeing a lot of posts and news about the increase of COVID in UK.

Mad Max, I know it’s very hard for everyone during this pandemic. You must not be negligent. As COVID cases are increasing throughout the world. You must be safe. We must not go wherever you want. There are some precautions that you must follow. I just want to remind you that you must clean your hands often. And you must not cough or sneeze in your hands but instead cover with your elbow and obviously you should avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. In case if you went out you must keep social distance and science winter is going on there you must wear warm clothes and drink hot water or lemon juice frequently.

I heard that you went out in mass last time. I agree that we want to be fresh cause you have been locked yourself in house but have you ever thought about your parents? You even didn’t inform them and went. If you had informed them they wouldn’t be worried about you. From next time if you want to go outside you must inform your parents. And I advise you not to go outside. If you feel bored you can message me so I can be available for you.

I think you understand what I mean. So am sure you won’t repeat it again and you might be seeing many cases and the death bodies in UK so I want to say do not take stress and follow the precautions. Stay safe Mad max catch you later.

Lots of love,


Lalitpur, Nepal

September 10, 2020

Dear Harry,

I am really happy to know that you’re finally in for your father’s studies. All of us are missing you very badly and also worried about you. So, I am writing a letter to inform you about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harry, we all friends are really missing you. We were planning to come there to meet you but our flight was canceled due to a pandemic. In the present condition the UK is also one of the countries where the COVID is taking the life of people. After I got your letter last night, I am more worried for you because your home is just opposite to the hospital where COVID is being checked. I share it with some of our friends too. And the pic i saw in social media, You were just not caring about yourself and visiting different places. I don’t think this is the perfect time to do these things.

Just be in your home if emergency then you can take a mask, sanitizer, and a proper dress like a full sleeve dress and try not to go about just for fun. You must take care about yourself. However, it is your own decision what to do and what you should not do, But think about your family who are living there.

In Nepal there is very little compared to UK but still we are inside home for more than 6 month. To divert your mind you can play some online game with your friends there. You can call us and we can share about the place and etc. and pass the time. Not only us, your family members are also really worried for you.

If anything happens there then we will never forgive you about the small mistake you have made. Your dad wants you to be well educated and independent so he sends you there. Please do what I suggest you.

Lots of love,


Oct 9, 2020

Dear Abisa ,

I am glad that  we got one more chance to talk . How are you and your family members ? You know that I got your letter on Tuesday but I have no time to reply . I hope everything is going well.

Well we know that nowadays we are in danger because of Covid-19 and I am really getting afraid . So, today in this letter I mainly want to focus on the safety tips of the covid-19 . First of all don’t get out of the house un necessarily , If you went out due to work and you return home wash your hand with soap and water for at least  20 second , compulsorily wear mask , maintain distance with people , avoid touching your mouth, eyes ,ears and nose , don’t go in the gathered place and maintain your hygiene, no handshake and hug , don’t let suffer from common cold or any diseases, if u are not feeling well then immediately go to the hospital for check up .  

So these are some safety tips for you  which is compulsory . If you  apply these tips there is 95% of being safe from Covid-19 . I hope you will apply these useful tips .

With lots of love


Lalitpur, Nepal

10th October, 2020

Dear Eve,

Thank you for the letter which I received yesterday .By the grace of god I am doing well too. It was really nice to know about your birthday experience. I heard that the virus nowadays is increasing rapidly in the UK. This surely makes me feel unhappy. I want you to stay safe and healthy.

Eve, I know you can understand the situation now but still you have to be very careful in this time of pandemic. You do not need to be scared   but you have to adopt the safety measures. You must wear your mask if you need to go out. You should always carry your sanitizer with you. Don’t eat junk and unhealthy food, try eating those foods that boosts up your immunity.

I know you are quite stubborn but you have to be very concerned about you and your health. This is a very critical time. You might think it as before but it’s not. You are not supposed to go out in the mass and do not participate in any kind of gatherings.

This much for now .Hope we will meet very soon after the world comes back to normal, and we should have a great time .Stay safe and healthy…

With much love,



Lalitpur, Nepal

Dear friend,

It’s been long that we have not got a chance to meet and talk as we are busy in our own life. Hope you are doing well with your studies and everything. I also want to ask if aunty and uncle are fine there. We all miss your presence here.

Our plan of meeting and celebrating was all waste because of the pandemic disease. There is nothing we can do then cancel our plan to lead a healthy life in future. Yesterday when I was reading some news I found out that the U.K is in the high risk of corona which gave me a shiver up and down my spine. I suddenly came to think about you, aunty and uncle. Please take care of your health. It is really a very serious disease so pay more attention to what you eat and do in your daily routine. Also take the preventive measure of coronavirus. Use sanitizer and wash your hand with soap and water. I think you know all the preventive measures so i won’t be repeating it again.

At last i would like to say that after all this end we have to again be together and live a happy life like we used to. So, until then let’s try to be patient for the healthy future. Don’t forget to give me a reply so that I know how you and your family are doing. Bye for now and take my suggestions in consideration.

With love,


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