National Abacus Championship Concludes, Champions Crowned

National Abacus Championship Concludes, Champions Crowned

National Abacus Competition Concludes, Champions Crowned. Winners were crowned in junior, middle & senior categories. Abacus may become compulsory nationwide.

The National Abacus Championship has concluded successfully. Organized by the Child Development NCMAS organization, the competition featured separate categories for junior, middle, and senior levels. Former Minister of Education, Member of Parliament, and Nepali Congress leader Dilendra Badu served as the chief guest. Gandaki Provincial Assembly member Tika Kumari Basyal attended as the special guest.

During the program, former Minister Badu highlighted the importance of including Abacus as a compulsory subject in the curriculum. He shared his experience with Abacus and expressed his support for its nationwide implementation. He pledged to contribute to efforts aimed at incorporating Abacus into textbooks, believing it will enhance children’s mental development. Tikakumari Basyal, the special guest and member of the Gandaki State Assembly, acknowledged the growing appreciation for Abacus education and presented awards to various participants.

Competition Results

  • Junior Level (Grades 1 & 2):
    • Champion: Rosika Nepal (Angels Paradise)
    • First Runner-up: Abika Joshi (Navneet Toddlers Zone)
    • Second Runner-up: Rians Acharya (Kathmandu Pragya Kunj)
    • Third Runner-up: Divyanta Giri (Bright Future)
  • Middle Level (Grades 3 & 4):
    • Champion: Sudinmani Paudel (Pathibhara Academy)
    • First Runner-up: Sankalp Amgai (Vibhuti Vidya Mandir)
    • Second Runner-up: Siddharth Dash (AIIMS Academy)
    • Third Runner-up: Sarthaknath Gopali (Kanjirova School)
  • Senior Level (Grades 5 and Above):
    • Champion: Nikita Jha (Bright Future)
    • First Runner-up: Krishala Pakurel (Megha Public School)
    • Second Runner-up: Abi Bhuju (Kanjirova School)
    • Third Runner-up: Prajwal Kattel (Odyssey International Academy)

Before the national event, individual schools conducted their Abacus competitions to select participants. Teju Nepal from Child Development NCMAS mentioned that national champions will be able to represent the country at international competitions. He further emphasized the significance of Abacus and their ongoing efforts to make it a nationwide educational program.

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