Necessity of Sex Education in Nepal

Education in Nepal

Rape is one of the most brutal forms of human violence. This is increasing day by day in our society, newspapers are filled with news of rape. Girls and girls walking to school, campus, office and market are insecure and have been gang-raped. Growing up with the admonition not to walk alone in the dark, we now have to be afraid even in the morning and afternoon light. There are various theories as to why bananas cause such inhumane acts in human beings, of which the home-family environment is the main one.

According to the United Nations, there are approximately 250,000 rapes worldwide each year. This is the number of registered cases. How many incidents of intimidation, intimidation and temptation and non-violence have been suppressed from within! In developing countries like ours, such incidents are considered to be more due to lack of education. Rape is considered the worst crime in the world. Rapists are seldom punished, no matter how harsh. However, in order to reduce such crimes, various countries have introduced very severe punishments.

In some countries, rape is punishable by death, while in others it is punishable by life imprisonment. In our country, there is a provision of 10 years imprisonment for rape of a girl above 18 years of age and 5 years imprisonment for gang rape. Such crimes increase when the law is not effective or impunity prevails.

Even in a country like ours, rapists are walking around openly because the law is not being followed honestly. This is one of the reasons why rape is increasing day by day despite such harsh punishments. The government-society should move forward by making a long-term plan for the prevention of this crime. For that, first of all, rape and sexual violence should be taught in school education. So that they can understand this better and not commit such crime in future, even if someone commits sexual violence, they can talk about it.

Putting the latest technology in the hands of children alone does not fulfill the responsibility of parents. They need to be educated at home about various forms of sexual violence. This too has become very necessary now. This protects them from accidents. Even though sex education is made compulsory in schools, it is heard that teachers are embarrassed to teach this subject. Such a subject should be taught without any pressure. To this day, daughters have grown up fearful of people like them, yet they are not safe in public. This society, which teaches daughters to fear, must now teach their sons to respect women as well. And the daughter should be taught to live freely and calmly, not out of fear. Children need to know about respect and love. Such basic values ​​should be made mandatory in the education policy of the country.

Even so, today’s society is becoming more and more mechanical. If we continue to promote only mechanization without moral and social education in the name of technology and science, crime will increase. With technology, schools and families should not be left behind to provide information and knowledge about rape and sexual violence. Now the daughter should be protected from the fear of being raped when and where. Parents are also worried about when their son will be handcuffed.

As long as there is such terror, society cannot be made beautiful. No matter how severe the punishment is after the crime is committed, it affects both the perpetrator and the victim. So preventing crime from happening is the best option. The state, society and family need to be aware of this. If this is not done, the daughters will be raped and the sons will be imprisoned. If we do not invest in sex education, we will continue to build insensitive machines, not human beings.

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