Nepal to New York, The Journey of a Satyagrahi – Dr. Govinda KC.

Nepal to New York, The Journey of a Satyagrahi - Dr. Govinda KC.

‘Satyagraha has no limits. There is no limit to the endurance of a satyagrahi ‘, Mahatma Gandhi had said long ago. 

A Satyagrahi arrived in New York from the land of the Buddha on the occasion of the General Assembly of the United Nations. He is none other than Professor Dr. Govinda KC.  

Dr. KC is the one who has spent months treating earthquake victims in Bhuj, Gujarat, Pakistan and Haiti. Cyclones in Myanmar, tsunami victims in the Philippines have provided health care. He went to the conflict-affected areas of Yemen and provided free services. They have been doing all this without the help of any organization, from their own past earnings and from their pensions after retirement.

Dr. KC’s journey of justice, which began with demands for accessible health care and medical education reform, is multifaceted. From a medical engineer, he has become an advocate of peace, justice and good governance. Arriving in New York, he shared the same message.

With the news of Dr. Govinda KC’s arrival in New York, I was eager to meet him. I went to see him. This time Dr. KC’s age was starting to show. The body looked a bit weak. But there was a wonderful radiance on his face. 

After I greeted him, he greeted me warmly. When I told him I wanted to talk to him, he was ready. Why didn’t he ask anything about Ke? 

I said to a decent person like Dr. KC at the beginning, ‘I am your bitter critic. He said with a soft smile, ‘Here is democracy. I respect your criticism. ‘

I asked the first question, ‘Wherever you go on hunger strike, there is a crowd saying’ I’m with Dr. KC ‘who will never take part in your hunger strike. This crowd is a ‘Publicity Hungry’ group. ‘

Dr. KC immediately replied, ‘Don’t disrespect them by saying’ Publicity Hungry ‘. It is more unfair to the common people who come to support a simple person like me. Tomorrow no one will stand up for justice. Instead, abuse me. ‘

I saw him protesting in front of the UN headquarters. People were carrying placards demanding justice for the Rohingya, a world without war, and effective action against climate change. 

To some shy Dr. KC, the place did not look different from Maitighar Mandala, Jumla and Dadeldhura. Her expression and gestures were said here. He seemed like a river that was constantly flowing. He was calm, gentle, cool and had the power to break rocks when necessary.

This demonstration by Dr. KC confirmed Gandhi’s statement that satyagrahis are not bound by any geographical boundaries. He not only raised the issues of his country which is going through various problems, but also gave priority to the Rohingya issue in the protest program.

Rising above religious prejudice and Islamophobia, speaking out in the international arena about the Rohingya was a great voice of world brotherhood. Dr. KC gave a clear message that there can be no sustainable development without peace in the world.

Citizens of a poor and vulnerable country made a symbolic request to listen to the Buddha in front of an organization established for world peace. This has placed all Nepalis, including Dr. KC, in a high moral position.  

Some time ago, he and his friend tried to make all non-Dalits feel their duty by holding the hand of Laxman Ramtel, a Dalit priest of the Ganesh Temple at Godamchaur. 

I take this as a revolutionary step towards social transformation. If such personal efforts were made to remove all the discrimination and weaknesses within the Hindu religion instead of hoping for change by abusing the Hindu religion forever, the community that has been suffering from discrimination for years would be able to breathe a sigh of relief. There is no doubt that the involvement of a satyagrahi will result in a fight against discrimination. There can be no greater weapon against discrimination than non-violence.  

‘Our country is a country spoiled by caste. It is a benevolent tendency to treat one’s own brother as untouchable. There is great pain and guilt for the Dalit community for not being able to do much. Now everyone has to change their behavior. Change does not make a country.

The people themselves should be aware and responsible for this, ”he said.

Dr. KC’s presence in New York seems to be the beginning of a new journey. Nepal is currently going through a political, social and economic situation. ‘Setting culture’ is ingrained in every body of the state. Here, corruption is also called corruption when one cannot do it oneself. Morality is now meaningless.

Amidst this despair, people like Dr. KC do not remain silent in the country. Instead, they are willing to sacrifice their lives to change the status quo. Dr. KC is the one who has no appetite for fame. His deeds, simple life is proof of this. 

Rather than deifying him, the birth of more satyagrahis is inevitable to turn the positive change he seeks to establish in health care, education, nation-building and social justice into reality.  

There is no other alternative but to use the weapon of satyagraha to fight against various distortions and inconsistencies that have been taking place by misusing the resources and means of the state. This is an established truth. 

I still see unlimited energy in Dr. KC’s old body in New York. That energy should now flow to every Nepali. Now a sacrificial person like Dr. KC should be born in every house. Sacrifice should now be the path to nation building. 

Dr. KC has proclaimed truth, service, peace and justice from America, the most powerful country in the world. He is neither a worshiper of power nor a soldier of selfishness. He is a fakir. They do not beg. Even great emperors are afraid of beggars. 

What is corruption in Nepal? Now the slogan ‘I am Dr. KC’, not ‘I am Dr. KC’ should resound from Nepal to New York. Happy New York to you, Dr. Saab.

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