Nischal Basnet’s ‘Dimag Kharab’ Continues to Soar, Grosses Rs 7 Crore in 11 Days

Nischal Basnet's 'Dimag Kharab' Continues to Soar, Grosses Rs 7 Crore in 11 Days

Positive Momentum, Revenue Sharing Agreements, and Box Office Dominance Propel Nischal Basnet’s Film to Success

Kathmandu, November 30, 2023 – The cinematic masterpiece ‘Dimag Kharab,’ directed by Nischal Basnet, has proven its mettle at the box office, grossing an impressive Rs 7 crore on its 11th day since its release on October 24. Despite a sluggish start, the film gained momentum from the fourth day, capturing the audience’s attention and surpassing expectations.

Producer Raunak Vikram Kandel shared insights into the film’s success, revealing that the latest Daily Sales Report (DCR) from distributors confirmed the remarkable achievement of Rs 7 crore. The halls continue to exhibit strong occupancy, emphasizing the enduring popularity of ‘Dimag Badal’ among moviegoers.

Third-Week Revenue Sharing Agreement Boosts Prospects

Recent developments in revenue-sharing agreements between the Producers Association and hall operators signal positive prospects for ‘Dimag Kharab.’ A groundbreaking agreement ensures Nepali films, including ‘Dimag Badal,’ receive a 50% share for the third week, up from the previous 35%. This promising development is anticipated to bolster the film’s net income.

Producers Association’s Stand: Demands for Equality

On November 30, the ‘Dimag Badal’ team issued a statement, emphasizing the need for fair treatment. The demands included a 50-50 revenue share for the third week, equal screening opportunities for Nepali films alongside foreign counterparts, and a threat to withdraw the film if these demands were not met.

Successful Negotiations: Benefits for Producers

Following discussions, a mutual agreement was reached. Producers will now receive a 50% share during the third week, coupled with additional perks. Notably, trailers up to 3 minutes can be played for free in halls, and the costs associated with displaying posters in theaters have been waived.

‘Dimag Kharab’ Triumphs Over Challenges, Outshines ‘Tiger 3’

Despite facing competition from the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Tiger 3,’ ‘Dimag Kharab’ has emerged victorious at the domestic box office. Released during the Tihar festival on October 24, the film initially faced a modest opening but gained traction post-Tihar, with positive word-of-mouth playing a pivotal role in its success.

Two-Week Box Office Report Unveils Success

As the film entered its third week, the production company, Cinema Arts, released a two-week collection report, asserting that ‘Dimag Badal’ grossed a noteworthy 70 million. The absence of box office reports from the Film Development Board since June necessitates reliance on producer-provided data for insights into the film’s financial performance.

Multiplex Dominance and High Occupancy

In its third week, ‘Dimag Kharab’ continues to secure significant showings in multiplexes, even surpassing ‘Tiger 3’ in some instances. The film’s occupancy remains high, boding well for its financial success. With a production cost exceeding 4 crores, the film aims to surpass the 8-crore mark to cover its domestic box office investment, a goal that seems achievable given the audience’s enthusiastic response.

Featuring a stellar cast including Khagendra Lamichhane, Dayahang Rai, Swastima Khadka, and others, ‘Dimag Badal’ is produced by Raunak Vikram Kadel, with Suraj Bam Thakuri serving as the executive producer.

‘Dimag Kharab’ stands as a testament to the resilience and appeal of Nepali cinema. As it continues to dominate the box office and navigate industry challenges, the film remains a shining example of success, promising a bright future for the nation’s filmmaking endeavors.

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