Now Use the Video Call Service With HD Voice on Telecom's 4G


Nepal Telecom, which has brought VoLTE service in operation from today, is now going to start VoI Wi-Fi service as well.  The company has started internal testing to bring the service into operation within a month.

With the launch of this service, telecom users will be able to use VoLTE (HD voice, video and SMS based on Forge) services even where the company’s mobile network is weak or where there is no network.  But for that, WiFi connection will be required.

This service will be able to connect to the telecom network by connecting Wi-Fi from inside a large building where the mobile network is weak.  Not only this, the service of the company can be kept smooth by connecting to the Wi-Fi even when going abroad with the telecom mobile.

Although there is a plan to bring VoLTE service in operation along with VoLTE, the telco has stated that it will have to wait for some time as further tests are needed.  This service can be used by going to the settings just like the newly launched VoLTE.

After that, voice and video call and message services can be run by dialing the mobile number directly like in apps like Viber, WhatsApp.  However, for VoLTE and VoIP Wi-Fi services, mobile manufacturers associated with the telecom system have to enable it in their sets. For this, a dialogue is going on with various mobile manufacturer brands through set vendors, said Minu Pradhan, Director, Mobile Directorate, Telecom.

She said, “If the internal testing is completed, we plan to go for testing within a month so that even ordinary users can use it.” Although these services have been available in other countries of the world for years, they are new to Nepal.

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