Occult The Story by Garima Ranjit

Occult The Story by Garima Ranjit
Occult The Story by Garima Ranjit


August 2034

A rupture of moonstone-yellow light appeared in the carnal black sky. Red blood spurted from the wounds of people as they wailed and screamed. Soils were wet by the blood of innocents. The world was filled with chaos. Blizzards of spears were shrilling and missing through the sky. The ground became slippery with the sludge. Men were screaming and scared. It seemed like the world and humanity were about to end. At the edge of the street, we see the “Dark Lord” and a lad with hand armour in his left-hand fighting. 

3 months back 

Jarvis Albrecht- son of a billionaire, genius, and philanthropist, Jarvis was a blonde, handsome-looking boy with green-bluish eyes, in his mid-twenties. He was a boy with great passion and love for science, technology and the cosmos. He believed in the theory of the multiverse. He believed that we humans aren’t the only intelligent creature and we aren’t alone in this universe.

Jarvis had made the basement of his house, his lab. He had made many inventions there, all adorable. He was currently working on an experiment- an experiment that could change the world.

One pleasant day, Jarvis was working on his experiment – a device that could allow people to teleport to other parts of the universe within less than a second. Jarvis had a strong belief that it is possible. Jarvis, on the couch of his basement, while going through some paperwork, felt something coming towards him. He turns back and realizes it was his mum.

“You scared me, Mum!” said Jarvis.

“When are you going to stop this, J?” says Narcissa softly, giving him a tray of fruits.

“Until I make it possible, Mum,” replies Jarvis with a sense of boldness in his voice. He picks a grape, throws it in his mouth, gives his mum a goodbye kiss and heads towards the library.

Jarvis was searching for a book in the library. Just then he found a strange necklace in between a thick book. The book had no title nor did it have any words inside it. The necklace was beautifully bizarre. It had a locket fascinated by a mystical, holographic gem. It looked like it was made of iron but it was something Jarvis had never seen or heard about before. It was an undiscovered element. Being a curious person, he took it home. 

To be continued…

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