Oh Dear! Look up in the Sky by Garima Ranjit

Oh Dear! Look up in The Sky  by Garima Ranjit
Garima Ranjit


Oh, dear! Look up in the sky,

I see a butterfly flying very high.

I wonder how they are so pretty,

I wish I can fly high with a butterfly.

If nothing changes would be no butterfly, 

With brave wings, she flies in the sky.

The caterpillar struggles through life,

When life was over she began to fly.

Fluttering her wings to light up the sky, 

proudly flies up very high.

When we see a caterpillar, 

We are afraid of their tiny hair.

When life is about to be over,

 They fascinate our eyes.

Just like they are trying to bring,

 happiness, prosperity, and luck.

Giving us lessons in our life,

Happiness after sorrow and,

The power of believing in ourselves.


You put me 9 months in your womb,

Mother, you are the best woman in the world,

A beautiful creation is gifted by God.

Mother, you are everything.

She is the one, making me the best being,

She is my clock to wake me up.

She is my nurse when I am sick,

She is a powerful woman when I am in trouble.

I am a girl but she never discriminates against me,

She  proudly calls me her daughter,

I will always be loving you my pride, 

my world and my living life.

Words cannot describe her, 

The most valuable creation by God, 

Money cannot buy her love, patience, and care for me.

The three important words I must say to you are: I love you, Mama!

Garima Ranjit    

Grade – VIII    

Regent Residential School    

Lalitpur – 14, Nepal    

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