Part Ways of Celestia by Yuma Limbu

Part Ways

The twins, Celestia and her brother were traveling  world to world, while crossing paths to Tevyat, they were stopped by an unknown god.” You cannot cross paths now, your journey ends here” They tried our best to defeat the god, but failed then the god took the brother. Then, I woke up in this world and found her, anisa. She said that maybe if I go around the world I might get an answer from the gods about my twin.

Celestia traveled paths and found her destination. First, she went to the land of wind but the dragon of the god was out of control. She tried her best to defeat it but couldn’t. She then heard a voice ” use this power to purify my companion”. As she was trying to purity it a cold wind appeared.She saw a boy appearing in front of her, it was the god of the wind, Eurus. He started to play the lyre thinking the dragon would calm down. The dragon became more panicked. It took Celestia to a hill.

Celestia tried to fight it but couldn’t, then a strange kind of gem appeared. It was a vision.She had the power to manipulate the water element.With her new vision.She started to fight the dragon.

Finally the dragon calmed down.Then,Eurus came and purified his companion.He then thanked celestia.And congratulated her for getting the vision.Before Celestia could ask about her twin,Eurus disappeared.

After few days,celestia went to the next region where the god of land ruled over.While getting there she saw a familiar face.The man stopped her and asked if Celestia had a brother.She was confused as why he knew but before she could ask questions.The man took her to a cave.He said “My name is Elias,This is where your brother must be”The knight who guarded the place saw celestia.He thought she was familiar.He started to attack celestia.After a while of fighting the knight was deeply injured.As he was about to get away,Elias used his powers to stop him.Elias said “I’ll answer your questions later,first help me catch him” to Celestia.

Suddenly, a strange power of magic came towards the man. “Elias,stop getting in our way” a voice was heard.Celestia was shocked.The voice of that man was her brother,Castor.

To be continued.

(Inspired by Genshin Impact)

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