Regent Residential School Celebrates Parents Day and 13th School Anniversary

Regent Residential School celebrated Parents' Day & anniversary with 2000 attendees. Over 50 performances showcased cultural diversity. Li Shuang Cheeng inaugurated the event with Sitaram Kattel & Kunjana Ghimire as guests.

Regent Residential School held a grand celebration on March 2nd, 2024, marking Parents’ Day 2080 and the school’s anniversary. The event was divided into two shifts. The first shift was dedicated to the students of grades 1 to 4 and the other was for students of classes 5 to 10.  The event drew over 2,000 people, including 1,000 students and more than 1,000 parents in two shifts, who were treated to a spectacular display of 50 performances by the students.

The program boasted diverse cultural and linguistic presentations, featuring drama, songs, and dances. Li Shuang Cheeng, the esteemed chief guest, inaugurated the festivities by lighting the ceremonial candle. Other distinguished guests including Sitaram Kattel ‘Dhurmus’ and Kunjana Ghimire ‘Suntali,’ who undoubtedly added to the prestige of the occasion.

Ms. Rukshana Sapkota served as the program’s main host, guiding the audience through the day’s events. Mr. Nawaraj Sanjel, the esteemed Principal of Regent Residential School, chaired the program, ensuring its smooth execution. Dr. Vidhya Pokhrel, the school’s Vice-Principal, delivered a warm welcome speech, offering a brief program highlight and setting the tone for the celebration.

Ms. Garima Ranjit, a student from Class 10, shared her perspective on what makes Regent such an amazing school for her. Her heartfelt words showcased the positive impact the school has on its students. Mr. Kvin KC, the President of the Regent Alumni Association, also took the stage. He spoke of the school’s progressive nature and expressed his belief in a bright future for Regent under the strong leadership of the school team.

The event served as a wonderful opportunity for the Regent Residential School community to come together and celebrate the achievements of both students and the school as a whole. The vibrant performances, the presence of dignitaries, and the personal stories shared by students and alumni made it a truly memorable day for all involved.

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