Sakambari by Prakash Saput: A Complete Package for Audience

Sakambari by Prakash Saput

Sakambari by Prakash Saput: A Complete Package for Audience

The famous Prakash Saput, who is successful in staying in the hearts of Nepali people through music, has released a new song ‘Sakambari’. Prakash, the creator of dozens of popular songs, has been conveying messages against the corruption of society in every creation. This song has been prepared in Prakash Saput’s own voice, words and music. Prakash is accompanied by Varta Gandharva in the song.

The song contains the message that lack makes people do things. Various problems have been included in one song. For all viewers who watch and listen to Sakambari, Moranjan as well as practical messages are included. Lively acting melodious voice and clearly showing the real face of society, model Kusum Sharma who played the role of Sakambari in this video is commendable.

The song tries to tell how a young woman gets exploited by an opportunist after her father marries her second wife and takes the responsibility of raising her sister and mother. The song portrays the reality of those who play in the absence of others and ruin their lives in the streets of the city.

The video of the song features actors like Kusum Sharma and Sunil Thapa along with Prakash himself. The video direction is also by Prakash.

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