SEE Exam Results Published: When is the Supplementary Exam, and What is the Process for Rechecking and Retakes?

The National Examinations Board has published the SEE results, revealing that nearly 48% of students passed and qualified for class 11, while over 52% were non-graded. Students who failed up to two subjects can retake exams next month, while those failing more than two subjects have three years to improve their grades. The new system requires separate passing marks for theoretical and practical exams. Results are accessible on various websites, IVR, and SMS. Students can apply online for rechecking and corrections of personal details.


The National Examinations Board released the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) results on Thursday.According to the board, nearly 48 percent of students who participated in the exams achieved grades qualifying them for class 11. This means more than 52 percent of students failed to achieve the necessary grades, thus categorized as non-graded.

The new system requires students to score at least 35 percent in theoretical exams and 40 percent in practical exams to pass. This translates to a minimum of 27 out of 75 in theoretical exams and 10 out of 25 in practical exams. Officials believe this new system, while lowering the pass rate, will improve educational quality. According to Controller of Examinations Nandalal Paudel, out of 464,785 students who took the SEE, 47.86 percent passed. Of those who passed, 186 students scored a GPA of 4.

The SEE results can be viewed on various platforms, including 11 websites, IVR, and SMS. Students can check results via Nepal Telecom’s IVR and SMS by using the short code 1600, and other specific short codes for different services. Additionally, results can be accessed on the following websites:

When Will the Supplementary Exams Be Held?

According to the board, students who scored non-graded (NG) in up to two subjects can retake those exams immediately. The supplementary exams will be held a month after the results are published, allowing students to improve their grades and enroll in class 11 without waiting another year. The supplementary exams for SEE 2081 is scheduled for Shrawan 18 & 19

Students with NG in more than two subjects can retake exams for those subjects over the next three years. The annual exams for the next year will start on Chaitra 7, 2081, as decided by the board.

What to Do for Rechecking?

Students dissatisfied with their results can apply for rechecking and retesting. The board provides an online application system for rechecking. Students need to fill out a rechecking form on the board’s website.

For correcting personal details such as age, name, and surname, students can apply within five years of result publication by submitting the necessary documents, including the decision slip from the Chief District Officer if there are discrepancies in the admission form.

What if the Results Are Incomplete?

If any student finds their results incomplete or missing, they should download the “Result Disclosure Application” from the board’s website. Fill out the form specifying the subjects with missing results and attach a copy of the admission form. Submit this via the Education Development and Coordination Unit or directly to the board’s office.

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