Students of Regent School Geared Up for SEE with Motivational Workshop

Students of Regent School Geared Up for SEE with Motivational Workshop

Lalitpur, Nepal – February 18, 2024: In a bid to boost morale and equip students with exam-taking strategies, Regent Residential School hosted a special “Motivational and SEE Bust Up Workshop” today. The Principal, Mr. Nawaraj Sanjel, inaugurated the session by introducing the esteemed facilitator, Mr. Pritam Paudyal, who is known for his dynamic and engaging workshops.

A total of 36 enthusiastic students from Grade 10 participated in the 4-hour workshop, immersing themselves in Mr. Paudyal’s motivational speeches, insightful video clips, and interactive fun activities. The session’s goal was to empower students with the confidence and skills needed to excel in the upcoming Secondary Education Examination (SEE).

Mr. Paudyal’s captivating approach resonated with the students, leaving them feeling motivated and energized. His blend of traditional speech-based guidance with multimedia elements and engaging activities proved to be an effective formula for connecting with the young minds. Students actively participated in discussions and exercises, gaining valuable insights into effective exam preparation techniques and stress management strategies.

The workshop’s success stemmed not only from its informative content but also from the positive and encouraging atmosphere Mr. Paudyal cultivated. Students left the session feeling more confident, focused, and equipped to tackle the upcoming SEE with determination. This initiative by Regent Residential School highlights the institution’s commitment to providing its students with holistic support and guidance, ensuring their success not just in exams but also in their future endeavors.

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