The Exact Meaning and Origin of the Word Comrade

The Exact Meaning and Origin of the Word Comrade

The word comrade comes from the Spanish word comrada. Which literally means a roommate. The word comrade got its political color from the French Revolution. Became a favorite word to address between socialists and workers – comrade. The word comrade was very popular in Europe in the nineteenth century. With the socialist movement, the use of the word comrade has become widespread in political circles. From Nehru of India to BP Koirala, the founder of the Nepali Congress, comrade was a word of his own caste.

Dictionary Meaning

comrade (n.)

1590s, “one who shares the same room,” hence “a close companion,” from French camarade (16c.), from Spanish camarada “chamber mate,” or Italian camerata “a partner,” from Latin camera “vaulted room, chamber” (see camera). In Spanish, a collective noun refers to one’s company. In 17c., sometimes jocularly misspelled comrogue. Used from 1884 by socialists and communists as a prefix to a surname to avoid “Mister” and other such titles. Related: Comradely; comradeship.


The word comrade does not have a sign in Russian. However, the Russian revolution has a key hand in its globalization and communism. Soviet revolutionaries used the word tabaris to address each other. In short it was called Tov. It is rare to find the word tabaris not used in articles, compositions, documents, speeches, etc. related to the Soviet revolution. Became communists. Today, if any Congressman who is a follower of BP is called a comrade, his usual answer is – I am not a comrade. That is, I am not a communist.

Let’s go back to the root of the word comrade. Comrade meant that the friend who lived together in the room, that is, the friend who saw his happiness and sorrow naked, was the most useful friend. According to the state system, different words were or are used for speech. Differences in speeches to kings and queens, differences in speeches for the rich and the poor, differences in speeches according to gender, that is, words that reflect the capacity of people in speeches were or are used in society. There are socialists that communists did not like discrimination in speech. Therefore, Pragatisheel followed the word comrade without leaving out class, caste, capacity, gender.

The general meaning of ‘comrade’ is friend, sister or friend. During the course of development, the word carried a specific meaning, and later it was used to refer to those who carried the same purpose and goal and joined the Communist Party. Since all members of the Communist Party are considered equal, the word “comrade” is used to refer to each other.

In the Communist Party, all the members from the chairperson of the central committee to the members of the lower committee are called comrades. The word ‘comrade’ means both equality and respect. A follower of communist communism is called a communist. From ‘commune’ came communism and communism. A ‘commune’ is a community or district with shared farming, shared production, equal distribution and common ownership of the goods produced. Communism is the highest state of social development in such a community or district. Since there is public ownership of the means of production, in this system, every person gets the work according to his ability and the price according to his need, and there is an end to all forms of exploitation and equal status.

Communism has the dictatorship of the proletariat, a classless social system, equality between physical and intellectual labor and a sense of brotherhood between nations. A communist is a revolutionary who seeks to establish communism in society, opposes exploitation, oppression and injustice and private property, believes in mass production, collective life and equality, adheres to Marxist-Leninist scientific thought, and lives under the collective discipline of the proletarian party.

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