The Monster by Kritan Thapaliya

The Monster

Leo, a person who lived a normal life, comes in contact with an unknown substance manufactured in a long abandoned laboratory which turns him into a Monster and has the desire to end all forms of life except his own.
Conflict: Numerous
Solution: Kill the Enemy

Chapter 1

Leo is a normal person living his normal life. Every day, he wakes up early and goes to work and only returns home late at night. He lives alone and has no family or friends. One day he wakes up late since his alarm clock ran out of battery in the middle of the night and he is horrified when he sees how late he is. He can’t afford to have his salary cut for even a day or He will have to go to bed hungry that night. 

He quickly gets up, brushes his teeth and leaves without even eating his breakfast. Normally he goes to work by the main road where it is peaceful and safe but that day he went with a shortcut which wasn’t well known for being safe, at all. He comes across an abandoned laboratory that he had never seen before. Although most of the Buildings and monuments located by the shortcut are visible from the main road, he had never seen this one before. “That’s strange, I could have sworn that I knew all about this road but I guess I don’t. Well, it’s not something to think about at this time, I’m running late.”Says he as he is about to continue on his way. 

Just as he is about to leave he hears a loud thud from inside the power. “What was that?!”, he remarked. Before he has time to react, multiple explosions go off in the powerplant and he is soon covered in the debris flying out of it. He tries to dodge them but it’s no use, soon he is hit by a metal container which makes him fall to the ground and the worst part is that the container starts to leak and he is soon covered in toxic and radioactive waste.

After he wakes up, a while later, he feels very different. He can feel new limbs, his eyesight is very different and he feels an extraordinary power flowing through his veins.

Chapter 2

Besides His new powers, He also has an urge, an urge to destroy every living being. He realized that he isn’t normal anymore. He is terrified and his first thought was to go to experts but he changed his mind when he realized that he cannot be healed anymore.

He feels like he is a monster now but then he has a different and more ominous thought, “I am not the monster, everyone who doesn’t like me is one, yes, YES!  I will kill them all, each and every being except me, I will purify this world!.”. He, or rather It, laughs menacingly as it makes its way towards the nearest city to level it. It was a horrific creature, A giant Green blob with multiple tentacles, Hundreds of eyes on its body and no head. It was about a hundred feet in size and had an enormous mouth.

When it got close to the city, loud screams could be heard from the terrified citizens. The monster roared with its disfigured mouth and began to destroy everything in its sight. When the people saw what was happening, some began to record the incident while others ran. Soon the monster was done with its rampage on that city and by the time it was done, there was nothing remaining. The only evidence of what had happened were the videos and pictures uploaded by those who lived there and who were now buried somewhere within the rubble, impossible to recognize or even find for that matter.

Chapter 3

When the news about what had happened in the city went public, many people couldn’t believe what was happening but nonetheless, it was real. The World Government decided that they needed to deal with this threat before it could do any more damage.

So, to tackle the threat, the world government trained a team of specialized soldiers as its top priority. These soldiers were fitted with the best cybernetic enhancements, nanobots that would heal any injury or wound were trained with the most advanced combat tactics and were also equipped with the most deadly weapons and gear. Since a lot of resources were required to make such soldiers, they could only afford to make 4 of such invincible warriors.

After just 24 hours of the news, the soldiers were ready and were on their way to face the monster. when they arrived at the scene, another city being demolished, they immediately started to attack the monster with their weapons. The weapons were very powerful and the bullets shot by them were tearing through the monster’s skin. The soldiers kept shooting until there was nothing left of the monster. “We’ve won!”, said one of the agents. But they didn’t know how wrong they were.

Soon the blob began to reform itself, all the goo scattered by the shots was combining to become one and the blob was alive again. In a single blow, it knocked the soldiers back and injured them fatally. But this wasn’t enough to stop them tho, though they rapidly began to heal themselves and were as good as new within minutes.

They lunge in for another attack but the monster opens its enormous mouth, catching the soldiers off guard, and swallows them all. Inside the monster, the soldiers are melting away because of the acids and in just a few seconds there is no trace of them. The world government was shocked at this revolution and decided to initiate plan B.

Chapter 4

The World government decides to use Delta-0, The most powerful atomic weapon known to mankind. It was originally made to protect the earth from extraterrestrial threats like asteroids and other kinds of dangers but now it has a different purpose. The government fired this weapon on the monster, who wasn’t expecting it and managed to completely terminate it. The government waited for a while but there was no regeneration since there was no goo left. After about an hour, the world government concluded that they had neutralized the threat and made the news public.

But soon more images and videos started to be seen on social media sites. The monster was attacking another city but now there were multiple monsters. All of them were similar to the main monster and were attacking different cities at the same time. The government had no idea how the monster had reappeared and how it had multiplied but that wasn’t the problem right now.

The government had nothing left to do and they decided to protect a single part of the earth and live in it safely. So they went to the current most advanced country and started to defend it. The only remaining living beings were there and it was heavily guarded. Missiles, Bombs, soldiers, and every form of defence were placed on those walls to stop the monsters until a new plan to destroy them could be made.

All the Monsters marched towards the city, surrounding it from all sides as the city attacked hopelessly. And soon, all the monsters merged into one becoming way more powerful and enormous. What Leo saw in front of him was the last remaining country with the last remaining living beings. He was one step away from his goal to destroy every form of life except his own and after a moment, he took the step. In a single smash from all its tentacles, the county was no more.” At last, I’ve done it”, it thought to itself but that thought wouldn’t last long since it could feel the presence of other life forms far outside the earth’s orbit. 

It realized that these were extraterrestrial beings and thought, “It seems there are more living beings out there. Well then, I would find and eliminate each and every one of them!”. But it wasn’t the only one with plans to eliminate the opponent, The aliens had been keeping an eye on it ever since it appeared and had sent an artificially engineered monster of their own to end this threat before it could end them.

But deep down, Leo knew this wasn’t what he wanted neither was what he had done but he couldn’t stop, the waste had corrupted his thoughts and he was powerless to do anything. He did, however, decide to visit the Laboratory where it all began, to see what the substance was which turned him into this monster and also to see if he could find a way to get stronger since turning back wasn’t an option anymore.


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