The Secret of Astor’s Family by Semoon Bhandari

The Secret of Astor’s Family

Setting: Unknown 

Background: Loren was blamed for the death of the royal family and was executed but she reincarnated and came back to life as a second chance.


Main: Loren Astor 

Villain: Ellen Astor


1st queen: Sidney Astor 

2nd queen: Leonora Astor 

3rd queen: Anne Astor 

King: Louise Astor 

Crown prince: Izac Astor 

Conflict: to be continued.. 

Solution: to be continued..

Moral: to be continued..

Writer: Semoon Bhandari 

The Secret of Astor’s Family

“Princess Loren de Astor” the incapable lady who is too easy to fool with, long black hair with ocean blue eyes. “3rd March” was the day i met my sister,the day my life went upside down. I was blamed for the death of my own family,the royal family.”Ellen Astor”, wavy blonde hair with shining blue eyes. I had a very good relationship with my sister, Ellen in my past life. I could never even have a thought that my pure little sister would turn out this way.she wanted to kill me, she hated me, but why?

After Ellen came to the palace everyone loved her and adored her. Why won’t they? she looks so pure after all. After she came, the aura of the palace had changed. They looked at me like I was the problem. I was the devil everyone hated. I won’t let my second chance go in vain.

Today is the day I met ellen. After getting ready I went to the dining hall , my eyes met her shiny blue eyes, we had the same eyes, the eyes of royal blood. My father introduced me to ellen. Father said she was the daughter of the youngest queen. My father had three queens. My mother was the 1st queen,izac was the son of the 2nd queen and Ellen was the daughter of the 3rd queen, the rumor has it she died while giving birth.

“Greetings to you lady loren.” Ellen said. “Greeting to you too lady ellen,welcome to the family”.I said I despise her. She was the one who destroyed my family. She killed Izac to get the throne.she poisoned 2nd queen but i was blamed for it. I was blamed for the downfall of the royal family.

Ellen sat beside me, she tried talking to me just like my past life to make me look bad. I was too naive to notice that. As she tried to talk with me I answered politely.Ellen was surprised, as everyone thought I would not like her because she’s gonna steal away everything. Ellen really does looks like my dad after all 

Father announced that aunt roosevelt is coming to meet us. I really loved my aunt. She’s a former knight,and she’s a really strong woman. She taught me to use a sword. I loved that she taught and I like swordsmanship. I was also very good at it too. The 2nd queen “leonora Astor” and her son “Izac Astor”, Izac, was 2 years older than me. We have been together since we were kids. I and Izac had a great relationship. My mother passed away 5 years ago. I was 12. Second queen was  my mother figure ever since then. We were a very happy family until Ellen made her move.  

To be continued… 

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