Top 10 News of the Week in Nepal

Top 10 News of the Week

In this article, we delve into ten significant news stories from Nepal, providing detailed information on each topic. From the devastating floods and landslides wreaking havoc in the country to the demands for the dissolution of the Koshi government by the UML party, we explore the impacts and implications of these events. Additionally, we cover the Nepali government’s decision to provide compensation to the families of flood victims and the Sudurpaschim government’s agreement to increase the budget for the pork barrel fund. We also highlight collaborations between Nepali Sansar and Chandigarh University, as well as the participation of Nepali beauty queen Ronali Amatya in the Miss United Continents pageant. Furthermore, we discuss the achievements of a Nepali man in an international chess tournament and the groundbreaking development of a new cancer detection method by Nepali researchers. Lastly, we shed light on the Nepali government’s upcoming tourism campaign and its aims to boost tourism revenue in the country. Each news story is examined in detail, providing readers with comprehensive insights into the current events shaping Nepal’s social, political, and cultural landscape.

Floods and landslides wreak havoc in Nepal

Nepal is grappling with the devastating consequences of heavy rains and flooding, which have caused widespread damage and claimed the lives of at least 17 people. The eastern and central parts of the country have been particularly hard-hit, with landslides demolishing homes and roads, leaving communities stranded. In response to the severity of the situation, the government has declared a state of emergency in several affected districts, mobilizing resources and rescue teams to assist those in distress. Thousands of people have been displaced from their homes and are seeking shelter in temporary camps, where relief efforts are underway to provide them with essential supplies, food, and medical assistance. The challenging terrain and difficult weather conditions have posed significant challenges to rescue and relief operations, but authorities are working tirelessly to mitigate the impact of the disaster and provide support to affected communities.

Nepali man dies after being swept away by river in India

Tragedy struck when a 47-year-old Nepali man named Naresh Oli lost his life after being swept away by a swollen river in India. Naresh, who worked as a driver in a jewelry shop in Chandigarh, was caught in the strong current and tragically drowned. Local authorities, alerted to the incident, swiftly initiated search and rescue efforts. After several hours, Naresh’s lifeless body was recovered from the river. This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of the risks faced by Nepali citizens working abroad, particularly in regions prone to natural disasters and extreme weather conditions. The Nepali government and relevant agencies are in contact with Indian authorities to ensure proper coordination and support for the deceased’s family during this difficult time.

UML demands dissolution of Koshi government

The Unified Marxist-Leninist (UML), the main opposition party in Nepal, has demanded the dissolution of the Koshi government, accusing it of being unconstitutional and failing to deliver on its promises. The UML claims that the government, led by the Congress party, has been unable to effectively govern the Koshi province and address the pressing needs of its citizens. They argue that the government’s actions have violated constitutional principles, leading to a loss of public trust. However, the government has rejected the UML’s demand, asserting that it has been working diligently to address the concerns of the people and implement development projects in the province. The political tension between the UML and the ruling party continues to unfold, with the demand for dissolution likely to fuel further debate and discussions in the political arena.

Sudurpaschim government agrees to increase budget for pork barrel fund

In response to pressure from ruling partners, the Sudurpaschim government has agreed to increase the budget for the pork barrel fund. The pork barrel fund serves as a financial resource to assist local governments in implementing development projects and meeting the needs of their communities. Ruling partners had threatened to block the endorsement of the budget if the allocation for the fund was not increased. After negotiations and deliberations, an agreement was reached, highlighting the importance of addressing the concerns of local governments and prioritizing effective utilization of resources for development initiatives. The increased budget will allow for more comprehensive support to local projects, facilitating progress and growth at the grassroots level. The decision reflects the government’s commitment to empowering local governments and fostering balanced regional development.

Nepali Sansar signs MoU with Chandigarh University

Nepali Sansar, a prominent media organization in Nepal, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Chandigarh University in India, paving the way for enhanced academic collaboration between the two institutions. The MoU encompasses various areas of cooperation, including student and faculty exchanges, joint research projects, and capacity-building programs. This partnership aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and expertise between Nepali Sansar and Chandigarh University, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship in the field of media and communication. Such collaborations contribute to the promotion of academic excellence, cultural understanding, and global networking opportunities for students and professionals in Nepal and India.

Nepali beauty queen Ronali Amatya to represent Nepal at 9th Miss United Continents

Ronali Amatya, the winner of Miss Nepal 2023, has been selected to represent Nepal at the prestigious 9th Miss United Continents pageant. The international beauty pageant will be held in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on October 21, 2023. Ronali, a 22-year-old medical student from Kathmandu, will proudly showcase Nepal’s rich culture, beauty, and talent on the global stage. Her participation in the Miss United Continents pageant not only highlights her personal achievements but also serves as an opportunity to promote Nepal’s tourism and cultural diversity. The nation eagerly anticipates Ronali’s representation and wishes her the best of luck in the upcoming competition.

Nepali government to provide NPR 2 lakhs to kin of deceased in floods

The Nepali government has taken a compassionate step to support the families affected by the recent floods and landslides by announcing a compensation package. The government will provide NPR 2 lakhs (approximately US$2,000) to the families who have lost their loved ones in these natural disasters. The compensation is intended to cover funeral expenses and other costs associated with the tragic events. By offering financial assistance, the government aims to alleviate some of the burdens faced by the affected families during these difficult times and provide them with the support they need to rebuild their lives. This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to standing by its citizens in times of crisis and offering relief to those affected by natural disasters.

Nepali man wins gold medal in international chess tournament

Celebrating a momentous achievement, a Nepali chess player named Pradeep Shrestha has secured a gold medal in the highly competitive 2023 World Youth Chess Championship, held in Mumbai, India. Pradeep’s outstanding performance and strategic prowess in the tournament have brought great pride and honor to Nepal. He is the first Nepali to win a gold medal in this prestigious international chess competition, signifying a significant milestone in the nation’s chess history. Pradeep’s success not only highlights his individual talent and dedication but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring chess players in Nepal. This remarkable accomplishment contributes to the growing recognition of Nepal’s presence in the global chess community and encourages further development and participation in the sport.

Nepali researchers develop new method to detect cancer

A team of diligent Nepali researchers has made a groundbreaking advancement in the field of cancer detection. Their pioneering efforts have led to the development of a new method that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to analyze medical images for the identification of cancerous cells. This innovative approach has shown remarkable accuracy and holds immense potential for improving cancer diagnosis. By leveraging the power of AI and ML, researchers have achieved a more precise and efficient detection mechanism compared to traditional methods. This breakthrough has significant implications for the medical community, as it can aid in early diagnosis, timely treatment, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. The researchers’ dedication and ingenuity exemplify Nepal’s contributions to the global scientific landscape and open new doors for further advancements in cancer research and healthcare.

Nepali Government to launch new tourism campaign

Recognizing the importance of tourism as a vital sector for Nepal’s economic growth, the government has announced plans to launch a new tourism campaign. The campaign aims to attract a greater number of tourists to Nepal, thereby boosting tourism revenue and stimulating economic development. With a target of increasing tourism revenue by 20% within the next year, the

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