What and How to Eat Meat? Role of Greens with Meet

    What and How to Eat Meat in Dahain? Role of Greens with Meet

    What and How to Eat Meat in Dahain? Role of Greens with Meet


    Doctors have said that there is a risk of chronic disease if there is no balance in the diet during the festival. Smooth, spicy dishes and meat are eaten a lot during the festival. Doctors say that this can lead to complex health problems.

    Doctors and nutritionists have suggested to eat a balanced diet saying that unbalanced eating will harm health while celebrating Dashain. Dr Bhagwan Koirala, a senior cardiologist, said that eating too much fish, spicy food and alcohol in the name of festivals would increase the risk of heart disease.

    He said that people who are not sick will get sick and those who are sick will be more at risk if they eat too much greasy, fatty and fatty food in the decade. He said that unhealthy eating affects the kidneys, heart, liver and other organs of the people and also causes problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol in the body. According to nutritionist Kalpana Tiwari, fish is not the only food eaten during the festival.

    Grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits should be mixed with fish and meat. He said that those who have become cowardly should pay special attention to food. Tiwari said that you can get rid of fat quickly by eating a small amount of fish and meat with less salt and fat than eating a lot of fat at once.

    Another nutritionist, Dr. Aruna Upreti, has suggested to pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet as even a healthy person can become ill if he does not pay attention to food. He also suggests exercising daily and drinking plenty of water. 

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