Who Wins This Year's Madan Award (मदन-पुरस्कार)?

The Madan Award Guthi has nominated nine books for the 2077 Madan Award in the ‘Best List’.  The Guthi said on Friday that it had selected the last nine books out of 222 published last year.  As soon as the list is made public, speculation has started as to who will get this year’s Madan award. The announcement of the Madan Award is expected to create an atmosphere in the market, even though the corona epidemic has slowed down the literature and book publishing market.

The Madan Award, established in 2013 in the name of the late Madanshamsher Jabra, has now reached Rs four lakh.  Last year’s Madan Award was won by Chandra Prakash Bania for his historical novel ‘Maharani’.

The nine books nominated for the 2077 Madan Award are as follows:

1.  Eklavya’s left hand (एकलव्यको देब्रे हात)

Giri Shrees Magar’s second collection of poems ‘Eklavya’s Left Hand(एकलव्यको देब्रे हात)‘ is a collection of rebellious poems.  In this collection of poems, the title is symbolic.  Giri Shrees, who has been working as an engineer in Butwal, has published a collection of poems by Bookhill Publications.

2.  Kariya (करिया)

Krishna Abiral’s novel Kariya, which came to prominence from the novel ‘Raktakunda’, tells the story of slavery.  Abiral, who is also associated with a book publishing house, has been active in literary writing for two decades. The novel covers everything from Kariya’s grief to the background character who motivates Chandrashamsher for Kariya’s redemption.  Author Aviral has called it a ‘historical novel’ based on research.

3.  Kalpa-granth (कल्प-ग्रन्थ)

The most talked about book in the year 2077 is Kalpa Granth.  The book, which should be purchased in advance at a price of Rs 2,021, includes 65 stories.  Kumar Nagarkoti, who likes experimental writing, has included in the collection everything from simple stories, pictorial stories and installation stories.  This is the tenth book of Nagarkoti published by Bookhill.  The book was delivered to the readers only last July.

4.  Choreography (नृत्याक्षर विज्ञान)

Dance director Bhairav ​​Bahadur Thapa, who is considered to be an accomplished master of dance, has written a book focusing on dance science.  Thapa, who has been active in the field of art and dance for seven decades, is also the father of actress Bhuvan Chand.  Thapa, who is over 80 years old, discusses everything from classical to folk and modern dance.

5.  Filingo (फिलिङ्गो)

In Prabha Baral’s novel Philingo, the issues of marriage, love, motherhood and women’s power have been raised intensively with the female character in the center.  The novel is written on the basic question of how long this series of discrimination against women in various names including family, society, religion and culture.  Baral has previously published a collection of ghazals, poems and children’s poems.

6.  Fulange (फुलाङ्गे)

Lekhnath Chhetri, a young writer active in poetry, storytelling and journalism in Darjeeling, has raised the issue of widow marriage in his novel Fulange.  Darjeeling’s 1986 Gorkhaland movement and the society of that time are depicted in the novel.  Chhetri’s two collections of poems ‘Bauko Pasina’ and ‘Akshar Unplugged’ and a Nepali translation of Indian journalist Ravish Kumar’s ‘The Free Voice’ titled ‘Mukta Awaj’ have been published.  The novel is published by Sangrila Books.

7.  Moksha Bhoomi (मोक्ष भुमी)

Keshav Dahal’s first novel, Moksha Bhoomi, tells the story of slavery in the Khas kingdom.  The novel focuses on how slaves were freed and how they fought for an independent life.  The story of the redemption of Jumla’s Sinja during the reign of the Khas king Krachalladev is the main theme of the novel.  Dahal’s novel ‘Kitab Publishers’ has been published.

8.  Ramite (रमिते)

Young writer and singer Jason Kunwar’s ‘Ramite’ is a novel written in a completely different style and story than the current novel in Nepali literature.  Kunwar, who is a singer of the night band, has told the story of Nepali soil with the help of fiction in Ramite.  The author’s name is not on the cover of the book published by Red Panda.  The story, language, pictures and presentation made the novel popular after its publication.

9.  Collection of historical documents of Limbuwan ( लिम्बुवानको ऐतिहासिक दस्तावेज संग्रह)

Researcher Bhagiraj Ingnam’s ‘Collection of Historical Documents of Limbuwan (1719-2020)’ is a history book.  The book contains research articles based on the state system and people’s life documents (letters, documents, inscriptions) in the Limbuwan region.  Ingnam of Dharan had earlier written a book on the Limbu people.

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