Women & Girls in Science – An Essay

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Women & Girls in Science - An Essay

Women and Girls in Science – An Essay

– Abraham Khan

Regent Residential School

Grade – 9

Lalitpur-14, Bagmati, Nepal

Our world is filled with science. We depend on it every day and without science, our world would be incomplete. The significance of science is very high. Science is integrated into our lives and human evolution and history. All of these great achievements wouldn’t be possible without science. From the tip of a pencil to rockets, science has helped us to innovate new ideas and produce knowledge. Science is also a source we can trust on. It provides us with evidence that explains the major events like the creation of planets, the formation of life, etc. rather than sources like religion which do not have evidence.

Women have been pioneers in the field of science. Women and girls have been backwards in every sector. Especially in underdeveloped countries like Nepal women and girls are not treated well. Even though many changes have been made to encourage women and girls, in rural areas the light has not been shined. The opinions of women are very important. They have different ways of thinking and solving problems. They have different talents, unique features, and creativity and the perspective of viewing science is different. They create diversity and allow innovation and ideas. The importance of women in science is equal if not greater than men in science.

Nepal is developing in the field of science. It continually tries to progress in science. Nepal has made a huge stride in the last decade by providing education and opportunities to women and girls. It is inclusive by encouraging women and girls to step up. Various organisations like the United Nations, steam have been working to include women and girls in science. There are also employment opportunities in the field of science. Saying that there are countless challenges of working in science for women in Nepal. Nepal is a poor country with corruption, political instability and frequent change in the government. Society is also biased on this topic. 

To this day we still face gender inequality. We can even see it in science. Girls are not given proper education and proper training. They are expected to do household chores and babysit. Another thing is that many girls get married at a young age. They do not get enough time for education. Married women are not encouraged to study and have a job. Even now women having jobs are treated unequally. They are paid less than men, they are sexually harassed and are discriminated against. Many girls also are less supported than boys to pursue their studies and career. Parents fear that something bad might happen to them. So, many women and girls do not get to live their dream.

Women have given many contributions to science. They have dedicated themselves to science. Many women have overcome their struggles and barrier and have become icons in science.Ten of the 15 chapters are devoted to a mini-biography of women who received a Nobel Prize in science, including Marie Curie (physics, 1903, for radiation; chemistry, 1911, for radioactivity); Irene Joliot-Curie (chemistry, 1935, for artificial radioactivity); Gerty Theresa Cori (physiology or medicine, 1947, etc. These women have given science great contributions. For their work, they are honoured and given prizes. We all should encourage women/girls to participate in science and spread awareness. We should be able to understand their thoughts and interests. We should create an environment of learning where they feel comfortable expressing themselves. Their mind should be constantly sharpened by challenging them with new projects. We should also give emphasis on the positive side of science. It is also important that they have a passion for science and a role model they look up to. 

To honour and commemorate the contributions of women and girls in the field of science and to encourage them we celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 11th February. On this day we thank all the women and girls for their contribution and we are reminded that we are striving towards women’s empowerment in science. We improve the access of women in facilities and education. We also promote the participation of women in science. This day marks an important milestone in science.

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